Kristen Stewart: Dedicated to Saving Robsten!

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Since Robert Pattinson has returned from Australia, witnesses have spotted him and Kristen Stewart around often.

First, at a bar in Los Angeles. And then at a birthday party for Katy Perry's assistant.

And, according to an In Touch Weekly sources, these sightings have not been an accident: Stewart is doing all she can to salvage the relationship.

Kristen Stewart on Kids Choice Carpet

“Before the thing with [Rupert Sanders], Kristen played hard to get,” Pattinson’s pal tells the tabloid. “Not anymore. She’s going out of her way to prove herself."

How so?

She's hanging out with Rob's friends, making a point to say hello to Selena Gomez and Perry at the Kids’ Choice Awards last month.

She's going out of her way to interact with fans and even sign autographs in public.

She is “upping Kristen’s style game," according to Glamour.

Will these changes stick? Will they make a difference? Will they mean that one of those magazine headlines that scream Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are Getting Married might one day come true?

Let's hope so.


Kristen Stewart has finally responded to rumors that she's a favorite to play Anastasia Steele.I m excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
Fifty Shades Movie

Marilyn mendez

Why did any of you were wrote a lot of worse thing about Kristen, instead to congratulate she on her birthday.....Most of you didn't have any common sense for other people. And all that she made good or worse is her business non of any of yours...For KRISTEN: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!. Have a nice, amazing, and wonderful day with your man, Robert Pattinson; your family and friends....


she's gotten uglier since the cheating...

@ itsmorefuninthedark.blogspot.c

She is far from ugly - you need to put your glasses on - she is a beautiful girl

@ Colleen

well i like the movies

@ itsmorefuninthedark.blogspot.c

Thank you


she likes to be a Crash Test Dumbie?


They moved on, they love each other. Live ROBSTEN alone!

Madina shere reaume

Why there not married have no kids in my exsperiance if you have to change yourself for the sake of a relationship its not worth it

@ Madina Shere Reaume

my sentiments exactly


I love that they are making it work!!!

@ Carmen

I am so happy they are prepared to work on their relationship, that takes a very special person(persons) to overcome, only mentally strong and mature people can do that, Love to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

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