Kris Humphries Torn Apart by Divorce Judge, May Face Sanctions for No-Show

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The Kris Humphries hate train just gained a new passenger.

In light of the basketball player no-showing his divorce hearing today in Los Angeles, the judge in charge of the case has ripped Humphries to shreds, saying he mocked and disrespected the court by simply... not showing up.

Kim Kardashian, Big Boobs
Kris Humphries in Brooklyn

As far as anyone knows, Humphries had no reason to skip out on the mandatory conference. He simply chose to remain in New York.

As a result, Judge Goldberg set a sanction hearing and may fine Kris for his absence.

BOTH parties are now required to appear in court on April 19 for a pre-trial hearing, with May 6 still the date on which this never-ending divorce will hopefully be settled.

Of course, Kardashian will miss the first day of that trial because she must promote her fragrance.

And so this ridiculous saga goes.

In Kim's defense, witnesses say she showed up to court on time, answered questions in a professional manner and kept her giant boobs totally hidden.


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Kris Humphries Torn Apart by Divorce Judge, May Face Sanctions for No-Show
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Kris Humphries is a pathetic pest. He does not get that we are not interested in all the details of their marriage. He should just go away, shssssh. He is so boring and irritating.I cannot wait for the case to be over, so that he can go back to being irrelevant.


What a loser this idiot is. I blame Kim for dealing with his unattractive, opportunistic, sorry ass from the get go. The minute he burped into her mouth on the show, would have been the deal breaker for me!


I do not understand why people defend kris Humphries. Here is this big dude, who always pretends to be the victim. Please give us a break. He victimizes everyone, but everyone else bears the brunt of being accused. Today it was also reported that Kris allegedly said that the sit down interview scheduled with Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashians is to do damage control for Kim Kardashian with the divorce case. Damage control ?!?! Why does he feel the world revolves around him? Kim is not thinking about him 247. Kris, get over yourself and huge ego. The Kardashians have been doing interviews before we heard of Kris Humphries.If anyone needs damage control, Kris it is you. Show up when you are supposed to show up in court. and stop wasting everybody's time, with this going nowhere lawsuit.


Kris Humphries has repeatly said he did not want a divorce settlement all he wanted as an annulment. When Kim offered him a large sum of money he turned it down. He asked her for an annulement. Kim could have ended all of this in 2011 but she chose to act like it was Kris fault with all those fake azz tears. She is a lier her and her mother. She said she did not want to have her baby while married. That also a lie you can believe all those fake tears if you want to. Every since she got high ratings for crying about her father she has turned it on every since. She realized people will believe anything if you act it out right. Kris deserves an annulment. What part of annulment you people do not understand. He did not want to talk settlement never did. That was such a circus with all those police as security for what. Did someone commit a murder.


Kim kardashian's lawyer put out those comments which are false (just read Hollywood Life) the Kardashians Kamp always lie. They feed the media with false info to make them look good. MB

Ms billie

Kris Humphries is such a dumbass and thinks he can get by with anything he wants. I hope Kim and that store owner gets everything they want and show him he isn't all that. He thinks he's such a pretty boy when all he is is a dumbass clingy douchebag trying to get free money and clothing from people who made the mistake of dealing with his stupid ass. He's so lucky Kim is the kind of woman she is some women would have ended his shit a long time ago for good. She left him after 72 days when she finally realized what a stupid ass douchebag he really is..... WARNING WOMEN: Beware of this aashole you make the mistake of dealing with he won't ever go away!


I hope every women out there is paying Attention Kris Humphries is a cling on. A guy u get involve with that will never let u go and god forbid u have a baby with Kris he would make ur life miserable if u didn't stay with him. Everyone thinks this is funny but it says alot about his character


............I warned him.


It was not mandatory he be there, so there were NO sanctions. This is just TMZ spin for the Kardashians. Oh, TMZ also claimed that KK looked like a rock star!!

Ms billie
@ Robb7

Sorry dear it was mandatory that he be there and he failed to do so, so yes there were sanctions and he's in for some trouble. Once again douchebag thought he could get his way but the judge isn't having it.

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