Kim Kardashian to Skip First Day of Divorce Trial

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Here is how much the impending divorce hearing between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries means to the money-hungry reality star:

She will not be present for its opening day.

Because she has to shill for some perfume in New York.

Kim Kardashian Goes Dark

According to TMZ, Kim's attorney asked the judge to move the trial up three days so her client could attend, but the request was denied.

Granted, Humphries is the one who must prove his assertion of fraud in this matter, meaning he'll be the first one to call witnesses to the stand and Kardashian won't be needed until a later date.

But come on.

Considering how passionately Kardashian has claimed to want to end this marriage, even blaming a miscarriage scare on stress from the non-divorce, it's hard not to roll one's eyes at her excuse for missing part of the hearing.

Seriously, can both Kris AND Kim lose? They both suck.


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Kim Kardashian to Skip First Day of Divorce Trial
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Good luck!


Not going to go well for her and not going to go her way. Jules are you one of the kuntdashians?

@ Mrs j

@Mrs J. I am not a Kim fan and furthermore im definitely not whatever it wasn't called me but this site is for Everyone to voice their opinions. I can assure u I am not Kim and if u wish to call me names I will go in on U


I think Kim has been a pretty good sport about this legal drama which is costing her a small fortune and Kris has never showed up and he has the burden of proof for the entire case. Since everyone tends to think how Kim makes her money isn't important I'm glad she won't have to stop what she has to do

@ jules

They both have the burden of proof. Kris has to prove Kim is a fraud and Kim has to prove she isn't. It is a crock of BS to say that Kim can't show up because she has to hock her perfume. That is just another BS excuse for her not to show up. I'm actually a little surprised that she wouldn't want to be there...I mean it is a total photo op!


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