Kris Humphries Sued for Clothing Store Deal Gone Wrong

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Someone other than Kim Kardashian is taking issue with Kris Humphries.

The Brooklyn Nets baller is being sued by Scott Hill, the owner of a designer clothing boutique in Beverly Hills who struck a deal awhile back with Humphries:

Kris introduces Hill to two other NBA players and, in return, Kris receives 30% off all items in the store.

Lame Kris Humphries

However, Humphries failed to hold up his end of the bargain... while racking up over $46,000 in bills at the discounted price.

Hill alleges that Kris owes him $6,000 for the suits and is suing for $52,000 in damages, plus interest.

Sounds like a tough case to win if there's nothing in writing. But whatever. Humphries is an idiot.

Team Scott Hill!


leave this kid alone.
it was already a torture married to kim kardashian & family.

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