Heather Morris: Pregnant with First Child!

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Heather Morris has a new reason to Gleek out: The actress is pregnant!

An insider broke the news today to Us Weekly, saying the 26-year old and boyfriend Taylor Hubbell weren't planning to conceive, but:

"They are incredibly happy and excited."

Heather Morris Photograph

Morris is reportedly three months along and just starting to show.

It's unclear if the actress' state will affect her status on Glee, though she's the second cast member this week to face issues off set, albeit hers is a very different one that than Cory Monteith.

That actor will miss the final two episodes of Glee Season 4 because he has checked into rehab.


That baby is going to be the luckiest baby EVER to have Heather as a mom. Plus she/he will be amazely talented. They will be dancing before walking just like Heather . I hope we start getting lots of pictures and maybe even magazine spread once the baby gets here, Congratz again Heather and i hope to return to glee asap. I have to have brittany in my life still...

Sammy samantha

I'm happy for her and hope she don't get married just because she is pregnant, I just hope she returns to Glee. We need brittany on the show


she cares more about herself than anything else......

@ abe

She doesn't care about herself more just because she would put her family as her first priority instead of a tv show its her decision. Brittany is one of my favorite glee characters, but she has had the same boyfriend since high school. She should be able to live her life the way she wants not how someone else wants her to live it

@ abe

she should be able to put herself first in some situations. She said in 2011 that she wants to start a family with her boyfriend and that if acting comes in between that she would quit acting. She shouldn't have to put her life on hold because of a tv show.. that's not fair to her.