Farrah Abraham Brings Daughter, Dad to Sex Tape Negotiations

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Who brings a toddler to their sex tape negotiating sessions?

Farrah Abraham, that's who. Seriously ... she did that.

Farrah Abraham, Daughter

The Teen Mom star, who doesn't lack for self-esteem, says she's an amazing mom. When bringing a little girl to Vivid Entertainment's offices ... other words come to mind.

She says that she is negotiating with two other companies for the rights to the Farrah Abraham porn - which she now admits is real - as well as Vivid.

One of those, THG can report, is YouPorn ... but it's unclear how close any buyers are to the $2 million price tag she has allegedly placed on the thing.

She also brought along her dad to negotiations with Vivid - "for support," the 21-year-old says - but it's clear he's not too thrilled about her sex tape.

One can't even imagine why.

It's one thing to know that James Deen gave it to your daughter six ways from Tuesday ... another to sit there and listen to her rehash it and sell the rights.

At least she's open about it ... sort of.

The funny thing? TMZ interviewed Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch after the meeting with Farrah and even he questioned the wisdom of her bringing Sophia long.

When Steve Hirsch is uncomfortable, that says a lot.


she weak..with her lame story on her life and her boot job..lol..dr phil put her on full blast..


she needs money to four new shoes four her little girl...what a shame..


I think and I'm sorry to say that her dad and Sophia walking in/out of vivid was so inappropriate on so many different levels. Vivid -Steve hirshe would have taken her to a private meeting ELSEWHERE ! Farrah's dad aka Michael should not have come with Sophia at all! Get a lawyer! They work for you ! Vivid is going to show it to the public online. She won't get $2.00 for it. She has no friends except her sister who seems to tolerate her at best. Debra is
So worried about Sophia and Farrah and the only way Debra is always kissing Farrah's ass! I would have kicked her butt! Farrah is called a whore. Personal video my butt! She couldn't get a guy to do this with!


nasty ho.....


The girl is dumb, anyone see her Dr.Phil interview? She has an unwarranted sense of entitlement, her poor kid will probably grow up to be just like her (not a good thing!). I doubt anyone can save her from her own stupidity.


She's pathetic.. What mother does this? What mother brings their child?? She is a nasty hoe! And her dad going with her. Nasty white trash hoe!!! All she cares about is money and herself !!


This women has some mental issues and someone out there is s going to due a number on her and she won't be able to get out of????


Nothing surprises me at this point. These young WW are in the last place they need to be- in front of a camera. Zero creditably. Zero class. Zero character. A generation ago this would have been an embarrassment, but not today! Anything for fame! Does self respect no longer fit into the equation? Dignity? Women like this is why so few get the benifit of the doubt. Be it Asian Black Hispanic/young White Women are fastly gaining a reputation that has its heels dug in. WTF happened? Is popularity really that necessary?

@ Sweet

ver well said. i could never imagine my dad accompanying me, or my son. she is an absolute disgrace and she is making money because we are all watching her. what a shame. also, why does sophia not have her father's name. she is shameless and very sick, just like her mother,.

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