Chris Brown: Booed at Knicks Game!

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Maybe Chris Brown is serious about turning over a new leaf.

The R&B star took a flagrant foul from Knicks fans at Madison Square Garden Sunday as cameras showed him on the Jumbotron and the capacity crowd booed.

Brown, however, got a kick out of it and laughed it off.

Chris Brown at Grammy Awards

Sitting courtside with Spike Lee as the Knicks beat the Boston Celtics, Brown, 23, was showered with jeers when his and Lee’s faces appeared on screen.

Chris doesn't seem to be forgiven yet by NYC fans for his previous actions, despite the fact that Rihanna forgave him and took him back last year.

Speaking of which, it's still unclear whether the rumored Chris Brown and Rihanna break-up is real or not. We're going with no ... given that it's April 1.


We have laws in this country and when they are broken the law determines the punishment. I'm so tired of random hypocrites going on the internet and and taking pot shots at this kid. he has done what was required under the law and the woman he transgressed against has moved on and forgiven him so who are you? Everyone claiming they are speaking out for abused women really needs to STFU because I'm pretty sure you haven't spent one second volunteering at a women's shelter or taken any courses about domestic violence. Climb down off your soap box and actually go help someone instead of this pretend outrage bullsh!t you are popping off online. Chris Brown didn't do anything to you,your momma,or anyone else you know. There are womwen being abused every 5 seconds in this country but I guess since their abusers don't make you feel like a big strong man and they don't have media coverage you can't be bothered to care...this is some bullsh!t...keep it moving.


The point is, we as Black Men do not appreciate our Black Women being dogged out and disrespected by punks like CB. Our women need to be protected by us not victomized. Just because he can sing and dance does not mean he gets a pass on fucked up behavior. Fuck him, he needs his ass beat and photographed and plastered on the internet.

@ RA

@ra you are a fool , who are u to judge anyone, why reading about chris brown, you dont have job thats why you have time to post shit look for work

@ mimi

You are a blind follower, incapable of thinking for yourself. beating women is not to be forgiven. CB is a bitch. so again fuck him, and his music. He should not have put hands on a black female. you all can kiss his ass because of his fame. you are the reason why he will beat her again. you are so forgiving. you would forgive him if he beat your mother or sister or child.

@ RA

Seriously though, there's something called forgiveness. Yeah we all know what happened and he does make other stupid decisions like "brawls" but honestly he is a man to get back up from a hard time in his life and stay on top of his music. he forgives himself, has the woman he messed up on forgive him n ppl he love still love him so u & ur judgments dnt matter.


he is starting to use the talks & walks of white F*ggot-celebrities.
peope feel like cheated people.
people don't like it being fooled over & over again.

@ abe

You shouldn't even be allowed to post on the internet just for being so stupid.

@ abe

Man you are a dumbazz...and he isn't even from New Orleans, he is from VA.

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