American Idol Final 4 Review: A New Favorite?

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Did a new favorite emerge on American Idol last night?

With the judges seemingly against Candice Glover and Kree Harrison from the start - and with the remaining women singing both a song of their choice and a one-hit wonder - the stage was set for a new finalist to take charge.

And Angie Miller stood right up and did just that. Actually, she sat right down at piano and did just that.

Watch her sterling rendition here of "Who You Are."

Was this the top performance of the evening?

We've posted the other three Contestant Choice tracks below. Click on each now and then sound off: Who is now the American Idol favorite?

Which was the best Top 4 performance?


American idol stinks stinks. cheat cheat no way. Randy Jackson neads to go. and take the other three nuts. With him. Angie Miller. Was the winner by a mile. No way did america vote Angie off.


One should look at the body of a contestant's work...a single swallow doesn't make a spring.
Go Candice, go Kree. Others, good singers/performers...Kree and Candice...God-given, ture gifts...and matured. Great show w/the women this year. Singers should perform longer than judges should ramble. Suggestion. And, Amber and Angie have that trend that seems to befall all but the very best, "oversing", and don't know what their voices should like in the theater, but they sure can "shriek". AND, PLEASE let the audience know that "clapping" when a vocalist doesn't ask for it, throws off a tune...also, "applauding" during a ballad! Both are enough to drive me off the network. But the stars of Kree and Candice have lit my way back. They are both, over the top, winners.


I love this show but Wednesday night the judges were blatantly in favor for Amber, to be this obvious make many question all. It was the talk every where I went today. Angie did do the best. No matter what Amber does or doesn't do most judges will not say one bad thing about Amber and she is the only one who just stands up there,does not relate to the audience at all, and even though she can sing, to the public it never seems to come from the heart like they always say the others have to do, but never tell her that. And playing up her shyness gets tiresome to hear about because really Candice seems more shy and not so phoney. As annoying as Jimmy can be I thought when he made them admit out loud that Candice did better then Amber which they were trying not to was unbelievable, what is wrong with you judges don't you think the public can see this, shameful. You do have ratings to worry about

@ Dj

This week I gave out the following grades. Kree C- and should have been gone but had to big of a following. Amber got a B+ Candice got a B- and the winner was Angie Miller who earned an A. Before the show I had Amber and Angie in the top two with Kree and Candice being the bottom two with Kree leaving. Who do you guys think will be the next to go?

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