Tickle From Moonshiners: Arrested For Public Intoxication

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Moonshiners star Tickle was arrested for public intoxication last week.

If you've ever seen that Discovery show, you won't be surprised, as:

  1. He makes illegal 100+ proof liquor for a living
  2. He is never not seen with a beer in his hand
Tickle Mug Shot

Steven Ray Tickle (yes, that's his name) was arrested in Virginia last Thursday afternoon after an officer happened to see him drinking alone in his car.

In a convenience store parking lot. Standard.

According to police, the officer approached the car and smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle, and ended up dragging Tickle, 35, to the city jail.

The officer says he attempted to make arrangements for someone to pick Tickle up and take him home, but failed, and had no choice but to arrest him.

The always-quotable Tickle has yet to comment on his arrest ... it's unclear if he was able to post bail using a Mason jar of illegal moonshine.


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