The Game Gets Obama Tattoo: Watch Now!

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Somewhere, Ted Nugent is shaking his head in disgust.

The Game has shown his affection for Barack Obama by getting the President's face tattooed on his body.

Moreover, the entire inking is caught on camera, courtesy of artist Carlos Macedo, who etches the official White House portrait above a tattoo of the word "Compton" on The Game's chest.

Watch the process unfold now, as The Game calmly checks his phone in the midst of yet another permanent body marking:


lame, wow he got obama tattoed on him so what? whats so special about that. oh appreciation, ffs if i did that it wouldnt make the news, celebrities r so self absorbed


oh no, he uses his mind to achieve goals.
(this is for lazy americans)


Another stupid,tatted-up black fa#got.....imma gunna git the prez'dent nayme on muh stomaach

@ juan 1

racist and homosecual slurs all in one sentence, disgusting, treat people equally, dont judge people based on their preferences or skin colour, i pity you hopefully youl get shot in the face by a gay black man. and black people are not dumb, racist people who insult homosexuals are fuken dumb - dumb ass. im a straight white chick go on judge me, oh no u cant coz 'ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME '- words of tu pac shakur another amazingly talented black artist.

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