Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Messer Changes Her Mind, Jenelle Evans Changes Her Boobs

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer decided that she maybe wants Jeremy Calvert back after all, while Jenelle Evans decided to get fake boobs.

Kailyn Lowry continued her feud with baby daddy Jo Rivera, as Chelsea Houska continued being unaware that Adam Lind is a deadbeat loser.

Read all about it in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

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Just one week ago, Leah Messer told Jeremy Calvert she was going to counseling with Corey Simms. Jer moved out, their engagement seemingly off.

Surprisingly, he decides to meet up with Corey about this.

Even more surprisingly, they have a civil conversation.

They both fear that no matter who she chooses, she is going to be unsure of herself and change her mind a few months down the road. Yup. Plus 20.

Both love Leah Messer, but both fear being left in the dust by her.

Corey, in a watershed moment for him, tells Jeremy there is no one better for Leah or the girls than him - Jeremy, that is. Plus 80 for that comment.

When Leah tries to get Corey to commit to a counseling session, she doesn’t think he’s into it, which makes her think twice about this idea. Minus 50.

“I can tell you’re not very serious about this,” Leah tells Corey. He says he was ... but now is not so sure. Simms may be right in his take on Calvert.

“I’m going to call it quits for you because you’re not serious,” Leah says, seemingly breaking up with Corey for good. Then she calls Jeremy back.

Will he pick up? Somehow we have a feeling he will. Plus 50.

Chelsea Houska had kept her protection-free boning of Adam Lind a secret from her mom, but finally tells her. Mom was not happy, but not too unhappy.

“Why didn’t you insist he wear something?” she asks.

Minus 100 for this not occurring to Chelsea, or frankly anyone on this show, and Minus 200 for hooking up with him regardless, as mom also notes.

She goes back on her Mirena IUD, for what that's worth.

Then tragedy strikes. Chelsea learns that the owners of the house she’s renting are selling it and she has to move. She breaks down in tears.

Come on girl. Minus 50. You can handle life. A little?

Plus 100 for the rock that is her dad Randy Houska, who says he’ll do what he can to help, and looks up places for Chelsea and Aubree to live.

Chelsea wonders what it must be like to be Adam, a single dad without a care. Yet somehow does not think of Adam as the asshat that he is. Minus 150.

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera are back in court, but she has even bigger concerns as he gets his own place just two blocks away from GF Vee Torres.

Jo insists he will only take care of Isaac over at his parents' house, but Kailyn worries Vee will be a negative influence and wants to take him to court.

Jo is livid that she prefers to deal with him in court, not in person, and for good reason. Generally this is not the way to forge any amicable consensus. Minus 50.

Jenelle Evans is insecure about her body and wants breast implants. Why spend money or time on her son when she can get some fake boobs? Minus 250.

She thinks she looks like a “12-year-old” boy with her flat chest, especially in a bikini. We've seen Jenelle Evans nude, and wouldn't go that far.

Also, what does it matter anyway? Shouldn't she focus on staying healthy and happy and being a good mother to her son? Apparently all non-factors.

Luckily, the voice of reason, ex-BF Kieffer Delp, is against the fake boobs. Plus 50.

Until he tells her to do what she wants, though he'll miss the old boobs. Minus 50.

Mom Barbara Evans is anti-implants too. “It’s fake, Jenelle,” she states. Plus 100.

At least Babs knows that she's just gonna get them anyway, so she just insists Jenelle stay away from Jace during recovery. Priorities, right?



Use to love u,as a mom of teen now I would beat ur asd
Yeah u bitch slit u don't need to be married to buy house
ut,prego. Don't need to get married to buy house,slut,u would have bumped second babies daddy,way to go corey,


Jeanelle needs a swift kick in the head. Be a mom u fuckin looooooooser. That sweet little boy needs u. While shes too busy with boys and drugs. Instaed of paying these idiot teens for there antics on the show, they should have started college funds with the money. All 4 of them dont have a fuckin clue.


I don't get why two guys are fighting over this Leah person. Does she give great head or something? She--like pretty much all of these teen moms--is ugly as f.


i would like to comment on the show and not the cast members because it is not their fault . i had a child,no money,car or home to call my own so real life hit me straight on. i started watching teen mom 2 because at the time it came out my daughter was in high school and alot of her friends were pregnant and i wanted her to see how hard it would be. BUT now i wished the show never started.... what kid do you know has a kid at a young age and the only thing in their mind is ratings,pay check,front page news and gossip? cant you see you took something positive and made it a negative . i sorry but if my daughter got pregnent ,i know she would not be getting her hair done,nails, bracess,new car her own place ....with no education,job. these girls have it made good health for family,dental and eye . clothes ,cars and homes but yet there is no consequenses to their actions.they are still kids ,parting,looking for the next boy and hell even wanting another child because it was so dam easy. my daughter goes to college and will have loans to repay the rest of her life, no one gave her anything but she is still doing it . its not easy for her but at least with family support ,hard and sometimes tough love. i am more proud of her.....than i am watching any show that allows children to learn life lessons the easy way. take the money,home,car away and make them figure out to either make it on their own or go back home to make ends meet. maybe some of the values of the parents will change and i am real shure their attitudes will when their child has a child and thier sitting around on the couch being board and adding more trouble to the situation. parting, not taking care of their child,wanting to hook up with whom ever or even thinking that haveing a second child to that same jerk will be even better. im thinking it is your faultMTV about how things have turned out with each and everyone of them because you see most of the watching audience has been in their place but it wasnt as easy. Also the parents fault because of their(children)age the parent had to sign something to make the reality show happen...good for them they made a bad situation worse and noone to blame but their selves.

@ just a mom

Boy u sure hit the nail on the head for most of your comment, however, I think Chelsea and Aubree will as time goes by will live a positive, productive and happy life !! Leah on the other hand is going to end up a single mom after she likely gets married and divorced 4 more times and proceed to get knocked up by at least 3 of them, bringing her total amount of kids to 6 or 7!!!!!!! When this happens Leah is going to look more and more like a loser than she is now ! Please, "just a mom" try not 2 blame mtv, blame the parents ok????


I like ur show

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