Leah Messer Finally Sort of Confirms Birth of Third Child!

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Leah Messer gave birth to a baby girl February 4. Or so we're told.

Reports circulated through celebrity news media that she went into labor during the Super Bowl and welcomed a daughter - her third - the next day.

She never actually commented on it herself, though ... until now!

Leah Dawn Messer Calvert

Sort of.

"I need a tan now that I'm all skinny and such! LOL," the Teen Mom 2 star wrote to a Twitter follower this week, regarding her plans to go on a cruise.

That's got to mean she's no longer pregnant, right? We'll take it.

It's a little surprising that the new wife of Jeremy Calvert has yet to share any pictures of their new addition, or her name for that matter, but we'll take it.

Given the alternative, we totally respect Leah Messer's (in)actions.

Sure, maybe she's just holding out for a big tabloid photo deal/announcement, but there's nothing wrong with keeping a few details private, too.

Take note, Jenelle Evans. Please ... just take note.

And congratulations again, Leah and Jeremy!

What do you think the little girl's name is?!


cute pc love it


I am sorry for these girls, they do not what they want, they are too young and keep on making the same mistakes, Leah is so young with 3 kids and going on her second marriage. my favorrite is Chelsea, although she is still in love wht her her she has been the best mom out of all. you all are a very bad example for teen agers, after the show you got fake boobs, tatoos, homes and brand new cars but your life is a mess.......


I think all you people should quit hating. You haven't lived her life so why judge her. Yeah she may be on a TV show and right now on the show she's having mixed feelings about Corey and Jeremy but we all know this was filmed a long time ago. She's married to Jeremy now and I'm happy for them. I'm a teen mom of two and yeah its not easy but I'm responsible. stop hating and bashing on her she's obviously she can take care of them so why bash on a good mom what about the moms out there who don't take care of their kids? Grow up ppl!!


i think that leah is happier with jeremy then when she is with corey


she won't last long with jeremy. it is terrible that they keep having kids. they think they are famous


Trying so hard it seems to be like Kim and Kanye. Nice try you ain't that famous. You ain't getting a6 or 7 figured amount for your baby picture.You are like Z .lister


her Vagina isn't big enough yet.
...............SHE NEEDS MORE FUCKERS, folks!!


I think her name is McKayla Lauren Calvert

@ Angela

Is there a reason why you think that's her name that you'd care to share? I really want to know what she named her


Nice responsible parenting!!! Going on a cruise RIGHT after giving birth. I am sure she isn't taking her kids! Guess she doesn't want to BOND with this baby!


Alissa, Alilynn, Alimay, Leahandra, Leanna, etc. Something all too similiar to her daughters' or her name. Unless Jeremy has a say. Then Jerissa, Jerilynn, lol.

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