Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Boycott in Effect?

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Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer are out.


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    Bravo, ladies. The manipulations, and reality "set-ups" are almost laughable. Reality TV in Andy's world is really Fake TV.


    Bravo, ladies. The manipulations, and reality "set-ups" are almost laughable. Reality TV in Andy's world is really Fake TV.


    people hate it being jealous all the time.


    I think that is absurd if none of them are gonna come on the reunion in the eyes of reality tv, mostly everything will be revealed, if you have some business to be protecting dont be on the show , besides there already so many real housewives show already that are worth watching this drama is just going to far and why the hell did they make a spinoff with lisa vanderpump, i watched it for five minutes and i got bored.


    Most of them are rich, boring women who want their 15min. It also looks like none of them has any education at all, they are just banking on their fake looks, they look like they belong in a circus. They are rude and have no class. Another show which prove that money does not buy class. MB


    I like Camille and Adrienne simply because they are both classy ladies; The rest of them simple want a job that pays in hopes of making some money and possibly getting a spin off. Kyle cries instead of being frank and honest. Kyle just goes with the flow, how boring is that. Brandi needs the money because she doesn't have a man crazy enough to put up with her. The rest of them show off their closets and material things and they have no depth. These women are so jealous of one another and who has what that it is not interesting tuning in to the show at all. LIsa with her old ass talks about sex all the time and shows off her riches but she has no personality. Bravo had the audacity to make a spin off about her restaurant and her young workers, pure garbage Bravo. Camille and Adrienne be glad they don't want you this real housewives franchise is the least interesting to me. Get rid of Brandi, Kyle and Vanderpump they don't entertain they disgust.

    @ snobster

    I agree that several housewives need to be dumped however, my list is quite different from yours. #1 Adrienne "the Hoof"; family money and possibly the biggest liar on ANY of the hiusewives franchises (and that is saying something). #2. Taylor Armstrong; should have been let go after hubby's suicide. Boring & kind of pathetic. #3 Kyle; has basically screwed over each & every woman on the show....especially her own sister. I LOVE Lisa. She is fabulous and has a variety of interesting businesses. Brandi is hilarious. Yes, she can be vulgar yet I find her honesty refreshing. Her book is now on the New York best seller list and this former model is stunning!

    Get rid of the Hoof (bully extraordinaire) who is so full of sh* t she tried to pass as the oldest person to ever give birth.

    Snobster you mention not wanting to watch "old ass" women and Adrienne isn't just OLD she's fugly too. Thank heaven for her family money cause she would have one h*llmof a time finding success on her own.

    Lucky for me Bravo is basically clamouring to keep their real stars -Lisa & Brandi-happy on Beverly Hills. They are the main stars of this reality program.

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