Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer: Confirmed Out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are dropping like flies.

Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer are confirmed out, following weeks of rumors of their respective exits. Neither attended the show's reunion.


It was a mutual decision between Maloof and Bravo for her to exit the series, her camp says, while another source claims the network fired Maloof.

An E! News insider says she was hoping to possibly appear next season with new boyfriend Sean Stewart by her side to spice things up a bit.

As for not attending the reunion, Maloof, who recently divorced Paul Nassif, "knows she's going to be asked about her children and the surrogacy."

"She is also not allowed to talk about her divorce; there is a gag order in place, and she was concerned she is going to be pushed into a corner."

"It is too dangerous and the repercussions too severe for her to be in that situation," a source close to Maloof adds of the situation with Brandi Glanville.

"Since Brandi brought up the surrogacy, that has exposed her children to exactly what she was trying to shield them from," the insider continued.

As for Camille, this isn't the first time Grammer has exited the hugely popular Bravo reality series: She quit the series prior to season three, too.

"I didn't want to expose my personal life so much anymore. I had done that and was over that," Grammer said then, and soon returned to the series.

This time, though, she confirms she's done for good.

Will you miss Adrienne?

Will you miss Camille?


Glad to see the silent but deadly Camille go....Drop Dead ugly.
Loved Adrienne from the start. Get rid of the whore Brandi.... Sad that Adrienne's marriage didn't work out but it was obvious from the start that she only tolerated Paul....Surrogate or not...That bitch Brandi should have kept her yap shut....and her legs...still hanging out with her sponsor? Jen....That Brandi needs a good kick and you know where...she is causing trouble every where....If Bravo had a brain they'd kick her off too.


are these scary lookin' misckites


Lisa Vanderpump, Brando Glanville, Kyle Richards and the rest of those ladies bore me to death. It is perfectly obvious that Lisa had it in for Adrienne and wanted her off the show and anyone that sided with her. All the rest of the ladies are absolutely boring; I won't be tuning in to this disgusting excuse for a reality show, because it is everything but reality.


YAY!!! I'm glad these two old whores will be off the show!!!!


Well, no big surprise that either of the ladies got the axe. But what about Kim and Taylor??? Give them the boot! And Marisa too!

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