PETA Slams Kim Kardashian for Fur Coat, Setting Bad Example for Unborn Child

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It may not have experienced life outside the womb yet, but PETA believes trouble is ahead for the Kim Kardashian baby.

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    Is Peta not even remotely interested in going after the big fish instead of harassing a pregnant semicelebrity? Didn't Beyonce wear an outfit made out of Iguana and Ostrich at the Super Bowl? What does she have to do to get on Peta's radar? Wear a coat made out of kittens? Get real here Peta and stop bashing the same handful of d-listers. You have a platform, make a real stand.


    Looking at the comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates PETA. I'm a vegetarian myself, but people should have the right to eat meat, wear fur, or anything else, it's their choice. PETA's complained about Kim before, are the donations not coming in? Preaching against one celebrity wearing fur isn't going to change a thing. For the record, I thought Khloe got away from them, ever since they took the side of the "flour bomber".


    seriously, i think those who say such things are hypocrites. What about abortion rights. OH, save the animal and kill the children........?


    I don't get why Peta doesn't pick on Beyonce and JayZ. Are they afraid of them. The only other reason that they pick on Kim is because she garners more attention for them(yes more than Beyonce). This brings in tons of donation dollars that keep their lifestyles they have been accustomed to. Hey Peta we're onto to your BULLSH*T.


    negative: kim deserves simply the best so FUCK PETA.
    high school kids: BUY AS MUCH FUR YOU LIKE.

    ................and cudgel as many seals you like.

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