Miley Cyrus: Twerking in a Onesie!

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Miley Cyrus has clearly moved on from those pesky Liam Hemsworth break-up rumors.

The actress/singer appears to be doing quite well in an adorable new video, shaking her thing - "Twerking," as the kids apparently call it - in a unicorn onesie via a video she posted on Twitter today.

Give it a look now and try not to laugh:

This is the same outfit Miley donned earlier in the week when she posted a pair of photos that showed off her newly fixed engagement ring.


like to see the new up dates and before and after pictures of the stars


As annoying as all of her antics are, its the stuck out tongue and manic grin that bother me the most. She is not sexy in the least. She looks like a Q-Tip.


I love, and always have loved Miley Cyrus. But, that was before she became a super tramp idiot. She's simply trying soo hard to win attention, and grab fame. Simply put, it's her parent's evil pressure on her causing it all. She'd do well, to get some nutrition, stop starving herself til all her wonderful curves have now all gone, and she now looks twisted like Hollywood does to people with talent and grace!!! (such as Michael Jackson whom they turned into a white woman zombie, addicted to everything bad, which finally took his life), Miley is on that same evil, destructive, and disgusting path. Hollywierd has turned her into a wanna be lesbian, (not yet out of the closet), with her boyish punker 80's haircuts and diet pill'd body that has kept her from ever even growing proper breasts. I simply mourn the loss of this icon's growth, she's trading such a bright future for GET IT NOW, GET IT WHILE ITS HOT, but, simply put. She's not. She struggles and wants, but that's the whole problem, that she even wants it. She should want simple inner happiness, instead of this vampire-like lust for hey look at me, please say I'm pretty, because I know I'm not Pam Anderson, but maybe I can hypnotize you, cajole, or manipulate you (subliminially) into thinking that I am! Her famliy should be taken behind the barn and shot, for their no talent-ness, and transferring their lofty ludicrious dreams on to this noble and great one, that we now all see so pitifully "abased" and used by some douche in a black and white suit on a dancing monkey stage. The only thing I remember being MORE uncomfortable than watching our beloved Miley climb to a new more bitter low, was when Michael Jackson started dancing on screen without music, quickly and mercilously touching, wiggling and scratching his crotch. We were ALL not entertiained, and we all thought, this guy's now just a degenerate, and is simply disgusting now, why? Why did we let them do this to us, and allow themselves to "think" we'd be entertained, but we really weren't! And, what's more, noone asked after, hey! How'd you like it? Because 98 percent of the people woulda said, wth? That's not MY Michael Jackson or Miley Cyrus. These are the devil's blatant reduction of what they once were, into something much, Much, MUCH less. So sad. Miley, just walk away from it all, and take whatever money you have, and start a business and a company with it, and simply find a soulmate and live your life. Do charity work the rest of your life, you're not born to entertain us any more. You lost that spell over us when you became (not) entertaining. You betrayed our respect for you that you'd almost earned. Now, it will never come back. Right? Or can it? Go study U2 and their failures and epic successes. Stop doing the teenybopper garbage, stop selling trash, sex and smut, and begin with song and dance that has some real meaning for once. Otherwise, you're just a whore selling and prostrating yourself for the almighty buck and noone will care about you when you are used up and wasted, and finally destroyed meaning something other than your original wonderful self.


You've not grown up to be a woman nor a lady, just an evil tram p version of a wannabe sl ut that now noone would f.... Enjoy.


I think she did really good ! So leave her alone and let her do her thang ....good job girl (:


... and those banjo's keep getting warmed up.


Why does Miley look like Beiber in drag?


First off that's the whopp. Second off she can't twerk worth shit. Maybe get some ass implants then maybe. Before you start talk shit to "haters" maybe you should know what you are doing.

@ ~PurpleLion~

Miley is nothing else than a confused white out mexican


HILARIOUS! I loved it! That's the spirit,tite-chatte!! Have fun to the fullest extent! LOL! Work-it! WORK-IT!! LOL! Sometimes it's a blast just to let off a little steam,huh,Miley?! It sure as hell beats buckling under to worry and stress,doesn't it Supergirl?! Party-on,doll! Party-On!! Later all; Hollywood---out

@ 2wild42long

She has the mosy disgusting flat ass. She shoulf keep her ass covrtrd up. Her face too needs a big bag over it. Sexy she is NOT


Thats a little attention-seeking of her

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