Miley Cyrus Split Rumors: Where is the Engagement Ring?!?

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Rumors of a Miley Cyrus split from Liam Hemsworth intensified today after the young star was spotted without her engagement ring on.

Sad Miley Cyrus

The status of this engaged couple has been ripe tabloid fodder over the last couple weeks, with magazines reporting Hemsworth cheated on Miley with January Jones.

Cyrus came out yesterday and Tweeted that she didn't call off her wedding, while adding that she's taking a break from social media because she's sick of all the "lies."

But cameras caught Cyrus without her 3.5 carat ring on last night when she headed into the recording studio, adding fuel to the fire that it's all over for her and The Hunger Games star.

"Liam and Miley are done," a friend tells Us Weekly. "She says she's over it."

Not in public, she hasn't. But sometimes ring-less actions speak louder than words.


I don't think they are over. I am thinking that Miley is thinking about whether or not she should marry this guy. Maybe she is rethinking her decision to marry him? Honestly I don't think these two should marry. They aren't right for each other.


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Mark burns

Her and Justin Bieber look alike.


this is a perfect excuse miley.
I'm sure we meet somewhere.....


OR and work with me here people, she was getting it cleaned, took it off for a shower, and forgot it at home, or it was cutting off her circulation, or some other NORMAL PERSON REASON. Now, I'm not saying that the media is absolutely wrong, maybe, for once, they're right. However, it may be a reason above, or something equal to those. Damn. I mean, seriously. Big deal? No. It's her problem, let the bitch deal with it. (While I am defending her now, I don't particularly love Cyrus, I just think this is dumb.)


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