Mila Kunis Calms Down Nervous British Reporter, Is Totally Awesome

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Yup, Mila Kunis is as awesome as she is attractive.

The actress sat down for an interview this week with a very nervous BBC reporter.

But while she was there to promote Oz: The Great and Powerful, Kunis instead charmed the heck out of the young man (along with every viewer) by asking about his friends, his favorite soccer team, his go-to drink at the pub.

There's no doubt the journalist will earn "massive lad points" for speaking to Kunis - as he jokes about below - but this gorgeous star earns massive totally-frickin-amazingly-cool points from all who watch as well:


she dating corny washed up lil dick mcaully caulkin? That lets me know I got a chance mila! unless shes racist?


milas a Bad Ass Bitch!


I did not know that she is Ukranian. I just thought that she was Jewish. But, she is still an attractive woman (not so much to me) anyway.


I just adore this lady she is really doing these thing.


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