Lindsay Lohan: Still Gettin' Her DRINK ON!

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Despite being sentenced to 90-days of in patient rehab in lieu of jail time, Lindsay Lohan is adamant that she does not actually need to go to rehab.

Thus, she continues to drink. Often. And hardcore.


Just hours after the court hearing on Monday in which the Lindsay Lohan plea deal was struck to keep her out of jail, she was sitting at her hotel bar.

Knocking back vodka sodas like there's no tomorrow, Lindsay "did not seem fazed by the irony of the situation," according to reports. Big surprise.

Then, according to TMZ, she hit up a club with new lover Avi Snow. Moving on to last night, she rolled to a San Diego club called FLUXX after midnight.

Hey, lock down rehab doesn't have to start until May 2. PARTY TIME!

Wearing a Yankees cap and a hooded sweatshirt, the 26-year-old hottest mess sat at a VIP table ordering vodka on the rocks all night. Good times.

She has apparently learned one critical lesson though.

Lindsay specifically requests that vodka be served from a glass carafe, so the table won't have any alcohol bottles on it. Cell phone pics and all ...

Sources close to LL reiterate that she is adamant she does not have a substance abuse problem and does not think she needs professional help.

That makes one of us. Pour out some of your vodka from the glass carafe at your table as a tribute to a lost soul with a once-bright future and tell us:

Will Lindsay Lohan ever get clean?


Lindsay Lohan with New Boyfriend Avi Snow Drinking, Partying Exclusive Photos


She denies that she went out to the bar and drank the night of her trial when she was told to go to rehab, i how she takes rehab seriously, but she probably wount


I have spent most of my life stairing at the bottom of a bottle she is in trouble dont hold it againsts her though its a addiction she needs help hollywood rehab isnt the answer she needs somone who has been there and is living a sober life its hard guys i fail at it alot but i try everyday to better myself and be a productive member of my community as an alcohalic we arent bad people


americans don't dare to punnish celebrities like her?


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