Avi Snow: Dating Lindsay Lohan For Some Reason!

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Lindsay Lohan is apparently dating Avi Snow, a New York musician and club promoter. According to E! News, Avi plays guitar for indie band City of the Sun.

Lindsay Lohan is a Hot Mess
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The new couple has only been together for a few weeks and their budding romance is said to be in "the early stages," but they are totally together.

Quite literally this week.

He's been by the actress' side throughout the recent drama - a missed flight, a private charter, a plea deal that kept her out of jail, a nightclub visit, etc.

Avi Snow was aboard the Mr. Pink private jet that flew LiLo from NYC to LAX early Monday, just in time to be 50 minutes late for court (be glad she showed at all).

Then, after that HOT Lindsay Lohan mug shot was taken Tuesday, she went to City of the Sun's show at 41 Ocean, a private club in Santa Monica, Calif.

Convenient, since she was booked at that city's police department! Sometimes the stars align and things just work out for a reason, don't they?

Despite their inseparability and late-night hangout sessions, another source denies that Lohan and Avi Snow are dating, but it's all semantics, right?

She wasn't "dating" Max George either.

Just saying. Have fun Avi.


Funny ..I thot was girl's name too and Lindsay was making the economic switch from tubesteak to folded baloney! Rotflmmfao. Probably eats whatever is handing her the next high in any case..just ain't been caught licking the baloney yet. Most these celebrity men dig a threesome like most men and crack hoes do what they gotta for a.high so Lindsay has undoubtedly munched her share of carpet. I wonder only when the videos will become available. Charlie Sheen has to have at least a couple hundred feet of tape in storage somewhere waiting for release so he can recoup the million dollar loss that Lindsay got from him. Ya just know it's out there somewhere!


I thought that Avi Snow was a woman when I first read the name.


So he is paying for her hotel, alcohol,drugs and car rental on thus trip.crackie does what crackie can do.


He had better get his shots this girl has been around.


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