Lil Wayne: "More Than Good" After Seizure Scare, Grateful For Fans and Prayers

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Lil Wayne gave his fans an update after his crazy seizure scare a week ago, saying he's "more than good" and getting ready to hit the road again.

He thanked fans for their well-wishes and sad he's looking forward to getting back to performing live. The rapper said, in eloquent Weezy fashion:

Lil W

"I just wanna say thanks to y'all for all your prayers and concerns and all that. I swear to God I felt that love when I was laid up in that motherf--ker hospital bed."

"I want all of y'all to know that I'm good ... more than good."

Wayne is looking relatively healthy, if a little weary, since being discharged on Monday, following days in the ICU - and reportedly being near death.

He didn't address reports that his situation might have been more dire than he let on, or it may have been brought on by a massive sizzurp overdose.

Mysteries for the ages, it appears.

Instead, Wayne talked about his new album, I Am Not a Human Being II, hitting stores Tuesday, and his America's Most Wanted Tour, kicking off July 5.

Joining him will be touring partner and one of his "closest friends," T.I., who put TMZ on blast last week following reports of Weezy's imminent demise.

Wayne signed off by saying, "Kiss my fist," and then, on a more serious note, repeatedly thanked everyone for all their prayers over the past week.

Be well, Lil. Be well. And maybe consider rehab.

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