Kristen Stewart: Sex Scenes in On the Road "Necessary, Not Gratuitous"

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Kristen Stewart tells the Chicago Sun-Times that she was inspired to play "wild, sexy girl" Marylou in On The Road, despite pushing her own boundaries.

Kristen Stewart in a Red Dress

The actress says her sex scenes were "necessary," that Marylou was surprisingly self-aware, and that in the end, "human beings are just animals.”

“It’s about fiercely living and squeezing every single drop out of life and not denying any aspects of it,” she said, calling the sex scenes "non-gratuitous."

Stewart, 22, played against type in the 2012 adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic American novel, shedding any semblance of her inner Bella Swan.

If you saw it ... there was nothing PG-13 about Stewart's role.

“So much is clearly illustrated through her sexuality in her film,” Kristen Stewart said of her Marylou. “But there was nothing about it that seemed gratuitous."

"It all just seemed so necessary. There was simply no question that this would be a more sexual role. I didn’t want to just play the wild, sexy, girl."

Indeed, Marylou was more complex than meets the eye.

"Yes, she’s daring, but she's completely self-aware. She’s someone who can harness her fears in life although she’s not above emotions like jealousy.”

Did you see the film? What did you think of Kristen Stewart's role in it? How do you think Robert Pattinson felt about seeing his GF in scenes like this?


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Rodney cooper

What's the TIMESTAMP of that scene? I rented the movie, and her nipples are below the dashboard the whole time. (I've seen photos with nipples.) Is there a flashack to that scene later? I don't know how I missed it. I watched the deleted scenes. There is no unrated version of this movie. Someone please e-mail me the TIMESTAMP - (first)_(last) at rocketmail (dot) com. Thanks.
-- Rodney Cooper


I hate it when you try to post something and your browser closes saying there was an error and you have to rmember what you said, and then it posts BOTH!!!! I look like a idiot LMAO...oh well


I Love That Dress....The nudity in the movie isn't as bad as people are saying, It's all above the waist. I have seen the movie and read the book, and I believe that it was very necessary for the development of the character. You needed to show how carefree she was and how she didn't care, she wanted to experience life and love..The sex scenes where not gratuitous at all, there really was no nudity during those scenes. I don't know what the big deal was, other than "Twilight Girl Goes Topless".. Everyone was fantastic in this movie, and I believe that it was one of Kristen's best performances, along with The Cake Eaters and Welcome to the Riley's.

@ Candace

I hate it when you try to post something and your browser closes saying an error occurred, then you try to repost, trying to rmember what you said and then it Posts BOTH!!!! I look like an idiot!!! LMAO


I Love that dress.....:) I've seen the movie and read the book, everyone in this film was great. Kristen's nudity isn't as bad as people are's all above the waist. I have to admit that it was unconfortable to watch the sex scenes at first, because well...It's Kristen and i have watched her grow up on film, and it was a bit wierd like watching your sister LOL.. BUT...she played this role marvoulsy, and the scenes were necessary to show exactly how carefree this girl was and how she wanted to experience life. She didn't care... Other thatn her performance in The Cake Eaters and Welcome to the Rily's, this is one of her best ;)


Kristen is very young and may be coming along slowly as an actress, compared to others of her ilk. The directors have a lot to do with her performance, too. I didn't think any of the acting was good in the "Twilight" series, which was more a director issue since so many actors were involved. People expect more from Kristen because she made so much money from that series, which was more a matter of luck than talent. Her nudity in "On the Road" may also have been a director choice, or script choice. Considering how much nudity and sex there is in many films these days, I doubt that her performance is inappropriate. However, I didn't see the film yet. I'll decide then. Either way, it's no big deal if you ask me. The human body is a beautiful thing. The more important factor is whether the nudity adds anything to the telling of the story.


agree, her hair looks much better here.


Anti-sex bible thumper below.


@Dalovelee I'm afraid that I am going to have to agree with you.. As much as I hate to, because, I Absolutely, LOVE KRISTEN TOO MUCH!!!... But you are right, she has been on a steady spiral downwards ever since she did that crappy "on the road" smut.. Kristen sounds like she is making excuses, sort of like, trying to find reasons for not regretting what she did... Poor baby, the entire world seems to be against her, even her choices are working against her, first it was that WEIRD, situation with Rupert the pervert, and then this porno crap!.. I don't get it, why would she turn her back on the wholesomeness of being a household name???.. why drive a rusty knife of perversion upon her thousands, if not millions of fans, by doing a 180 like this?.. She went from the purity of Eternal Love, to "I'm an actress, I must have no morality whatsoever, I'm an actress, we are just animals in the end, live life to the fullest".. That's all nihilist, "throw out the baby with the bath water", self destructive, C-R-A-P, that Jewllywood, has been trying to push on all the world since the start of the last Century... Kristen, if for some lucky Star you are reading this, please sweet baby, don't let your guard down!, there is no need to become an "animal".. Animals do not transcend anything, they leave nothing behind, we Humans DO.. We leave legacies, of knowledge, wealth and instruction that live on far into the future, even though we have long past... Kristen, it was a mistake to do that film, it served no purpose other than to denigrate you... You are much too strong for that Kristen!.. You have a good morality, a good Soul and.. an excellent mind... and a very strong will Power.. But your weakness is that you let others take advantage of your Honorable nature, for when you commit to something you follow it through, and that is what happened here, with "On the Road".. You didn't know what you were getting into, when you signed on for it, at the tender age of 16, or 17., until it was too late, and there was no backing out, at least, not in your tenacious mind... and those that made that filthy movie, saw that in you, and took advantage of that very virtue in you!.. "let's get Bellas to do Porn, let's get Kristen naked, yeah, they will all pay to see Bella Naked and moaning!..", fucking two guys at the same time.. and that is exactly what those bastards managed to do... Tarnish you.. and tarnish your Beautiful Spirit, and your work ethics, and your Morality as a Human being... Kristen... I LOVE YOU... We all Love you.... You stand for something higher, than what you think... Don't let your own Nobility down, and don't let those dirty old Men use your Star power to sell tickets, and fill their pockets, through your beautiful image!... Because that is exactly what is happening.. with this smut, "On the Road" and also, with K-11.. But at least she is your Mother, but still, Cinema is not meant to be self destructive, it's supposed to, UP LIFT... Acting is a fine Art, Cinema is a fine Art.. If it's not helping your Soul, and your name is being used for selling tickets, and dragging your image, and self respect throiugh the mud, then those are negative conditions, like the titillation of seeing you naked, then that is not a positive manifestation of any of this... because it's corrupted, by money.. it's prostitution and voyeurism... on Welcome to the raileys, you shined, not because of the sex, there was hardly any, and you hardly did anything, yet your acting was on fire!.. because you did not need to focus on Sex.. the character was stronger than any desire to "see Bella naked",... How can you possibly excuse this On the Road, smut, by saying that "we are all animals".. NO WE ARE NOT.. we, YOU, are higher beings, who understand the concept of Art... You are an Artist, and the idea of using Sex as a form of Art is long gone, it has been revealed for what it has always been... Voyeurism and prostitution.. Nothing more, nothing less... Please regain your balance Kristen.. This Pattinson issue, and this filthy Movie are robbing you of your focus, and your strength, as so we all have seen in you.... It's time to gather yourself Kristen... It's time to get in touch with that which is Holly in you... and, you are a blessed young woman... Kristen.. You are an Artist...

@ Axiom

Axiom, maybe you didn't notice, but your comment is several times as long as anyone else's on any of these boards. Your obsessive, redundant rant is way over the top, but unlikely to persuade anyone of your ideas. It suggests some kind of chemical influence, or mental instability. I say this as a long-term sufferer of significant Bipolar disease, and alcoholic with 30 years sobriety. Whatever is going on with you, something is amiss, and I encourage you to seek an appropriate form of support so you will be more comfortable. Good Luck to you, friend.

John conners
@ Axiom

Dude,....STFU....if u come near Sonic, I will beat your ass !

John conners

hey Kristen, hit me up.....I am hanging for you lil bb......

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