Kris Jenner Sex Tape: Actually on the Market?!?

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Like daughter, like mother?

Years after she allegedly orchestrated the release of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, a new report suggests Kris Jenner may have one of her own soon on the market.

Excuse us while we go vomit...

Kris Jenner Klose Up

According to The National Enquirer, “insiders believe the mastermind of the Kardashian empire may have been caught on video during the 1980s, when she and her late husband Robert lived a wild lifestyle."

After all this time, with Jenner such a huge name in her own right, the tabloid claims such footage could "threatens" the family's $75 million fortune.

Or double it. Apparently The Enquirer forgot which family we're talking about here.

What is this article based on?

The fool proof claim that Robert Robert Kardashian once told his good friend O.J. Simpson that he “overheard Kris telling her girlfriend all about the scandalous tape.”

So... wait: when was the tape made? With whom? Is there any hard evidence?

Who cares?!? There's some minute chance that a Kris Jenner sex tape might exist! Forget the gloves that did not fit. Why hasn't anyone asked O.J. about this yet?


I really do not understand the people who are supposed to be "normal" "knowledgable"sane people who continue to watch this family that has no talent in absolutely anything, so they can keep making ridiculous amounts of money off poor, sad, stupid people. I guess the people that watch the Kardashians have nothing in their lives to cling to, so they watch a totally made up farce to make sure this family makes as much money as they possibly can from people without the knowledge to know what these people are and how they
are playing the public for fools.


Why is anyone surprized? the whole Kardashian empire is based on a sex video, they may have money but they do not have any heart or love for anything but $$$$ and sex. If Bruce Jenner had any balls he would run like a dog instead of being treated like on

@ chico

It's funny b/c no matter if KK saves the world, yall haters are gonna have something to say about them. No1 mentions ALL of the businesses they own (by themselves) or how many charities they have, b/c all yall see is a 'sex tape'. Like your past is perfect...yea right! Thanks for keeping them relevant, & fyi, Im sure Kim's not the only person in the world w/ a sex tape, as a matter of fact, they have a sh*t load of celeb sex tapes, but I guess, they're just perfect huh. Yall sound st*pid as hell talking bout ppl that pays NO attention to you. Why don't yall go & live Yall's "perfect" life & gtf off of her's?!

@ wlkdjf

Cunts don't do charity work at all. Got a closet full of them.twats can't act,sing or dance. Can only spread their leg. Totally worthless family


Likely with the neighbors dog.


SHOCKING!!!! JUST SHOCKING! JK! If she had anything to do with kim's iam not surprised if she has her own!



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