Kirstie Alley Weight Gain: Actress Posts SHOCKING Photo

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Kirstie Alley has apparently fallen off the wagon.

The actress, 62, is famous for her ongoing struggle with her weight, and for her openness about it. So it's no surprise that she addressed her recent failures head-on.

Still, no one was quite prepared for this:

Fat Kirstie Alley

The 62-year-old actress has bragged about losing over 100 pounds in the past, but now laments that she's given it all back - and then some apparently.

“I was getting too skinny so last week I started drinking beer,” she Tweeted along with the pic above. Gosh, how quickly things can change ...

The Fat Actress star’s fans went wild joking about her doctored picture, with one person joking “Please stop photoshopping my ass onto your pictures!”

Well played.

One supporter even sent her a picture of the former Cheers star's head on a super thin, sexy bikini body, which she happily re-Tweeted to her fans.

Gotta love her.

What do you think of Alley's sense of humor? All in good fun? Or a little overboard? Would you still go there? Sound off in the comments below!


I personally really respect her sense of humour about her weight fluctuations- you have to know that as a celebrity, people will attack you for gaining OR losing weight so I think it's a good thing that she's lighthearted about it. And also I think it's a really big problem (not just with celebrities themselves, but with fans and everyone, really) that we are so influenced by the photoshopped culture. There's such an obsession with being thin and it's really gotten out of hand. I think that's a big part of the appeal of people like her or people like Lena Dunham who kind of just say, "Hey, this is me. I'm like you. So take it or leave it because I'm not about to go on a diet for a stranger." I think everyone loves someone who doesn't give into that pressure and is sincere in their desire to be seen as "real" as possible. You know?


That is a photoshopped image




Love her, no matter what!

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