Kim Kardashian Miscarriage Scare Prompts Plane Breakdown, Doctor's Visit

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Don't worry, Charlie Askew. You aren't the only person who broke down in public this week.

Sources tell TMZ that Kim Kardashian dissolved into tears on a flight home from Paris yesterday because "severe stomach pains" made her believe she may have been suffering a miscarriage.

Kim Kardashian and Ye

Fortunately, that fear was not realized and a doctor's visit confirmed Kim is simply stressed out (from the Kris Humphries divorce saga and upcoming house move) and needs to slow down a bit in life.

So the fetus is fine. And it shouldn't be that difficult for Kardashian to hang out at home for a few weeks. After all, it's not like she has a job.


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Kim Kardashian Miscarriage Scare Prompts Plane Breakdown, Doctor's Visit
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Glad the baby is ok, but I sure hope this isn't a stunt for her upcoming divorce trial


So damn sick of hearing a bout these tramps....


Maybe if that fat cow would stop eating for 5, she wouldn't be having stomach cramps. What an attention whore...


I don't know where you people keep coming up with this garbage that Kim doesn't have a job. I'll bet she works 10x harder than you guys do. From the people who actually know her, she's considered very hard working. There must be something about going to France.


Hi Kim you. Looking more pretty. B a cute performance good. Bless. U


Leave Kim alone u idiots!


To say WHY she's stressed is a judgement call that I hope the doctor didn't make, unless Kimmy told him, he can't possibly know WHAT is causing her stress. Only that the patient is stressed. Maybe now she'll grow up and realize some things are more important than her royal highness, and find ways to reduce her stress.--Like disappearing out of the public eye like she claims she wants to, not jet setting all over the world, and the thing she claims is giving her the most stress--Kris H. Just give him the annulment already and get it over with. Why should you even care? So what if the world thinks you "frauded" him. You're already an alduterating whore, so why should the rest of it bother you?

@ OneQuill

What has this world come to? The way some people bash this poor woman is insane! What jealousy. Everyone has to earn a living. How would you all like it if strangers came at you constantly for the way you live your lives? Shame on you! Kim, girl, you're pregnant. First, congratulations! Second, enjoy this time in your lives sweetheart. It's your first pregnancy, and this is a time of wonders. Take it all in, because EVERY woman deserves it. Relax your body and mind, because this is one of the only times in your life where you can do that guilt-free. Close this world out of your life, because the universe you're bubbled up in right now is sacred. This magical blessing is yours, your man's, and your family's. None of us deserve to know any of it, but I do feel genuine happiness for you guys. So rock on, focus on growing that little darling, because they don't call it a miracle for nothing. You need all of the energy you can get. After all, every cell in her body comes from you. So, keep it positove as possible, and give your worries to God, or whomever you pay to handle this stuff. Oh yeah, and if the doctor has truly cleared you for normal activities, girl...have sex as much as possible. These are the best orgasms you will EVER have because of the increased size and blood flow of the uterus :) Good luck, sweetheart.


tooo bad and who cares. dirt balls one and all. totally classless. wouldn't it be nice if these people read all these comments?. i guess we comment for our own entertainment!

@ meg

Shut up Meg. lol


If she would just give Kris what he is asking for she wouldn't have that 'stress'. I'm sick of people blaming her 'stress' on Kris. Enough already.

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