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It’s easy to give Jenelle Evans a hard time, or to simply your eyes at her.

Between her whirlwind relationships, Twitter rants and Teen Mom 2 antics, she’s entertaining to say the least. But she’s also clearly a very troubled individual.

When MTV considers you a liability, you know you have some issues.

Evans’ attorney, Dustin Sullivan, confirms that she is back in rehab again for the second time in a week, and it’s not just for anxiety, stress or exhaustion.

“Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address addiction issues for drug use,” said Sullivan. It’s reportedly heroin, no less.


While she’s always been a bit of a loose cannon with deeply-rooted emotional hang-ups, there’s a difference between that and a bona fide drug problem.

Teen Mom cohort Amber Portwood knows this all too well, and is serving a five-YEAR sentence in prison as a result of losing battles against addiction.

It’s life-altering, and Amber could even be considered lucky. If Jenelle doesn’t get her act together, her continued downward spiral could end tragically.

Much as we miss her on Twitter, Jenelle Evans needs to be in rehab as long as it takes. At least on the surface, it looks like she finally got the message.

Her last Tweet, on March 2, said “this” is for her son Jace.

For both her sake, and her little boy’s, we hope she goes into this rehab stint – and comes out of it – truly determined to make positive life changes.

Please, Jenelle. No more Courtland Rogers. No more Kieffer Delp. No more Gary Head. Just focus on you and your little guy and get ‘er done.

What do you think: Can she get/stay clean?