John John Florence: Taylor Swift's Next Love Target?

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The surf might be up for Taylor Swift.

According to Life & Style sources, the singer is "falling fast" for John John Lawrence, a native of Hawaii and a professional surfer.

Taylor Swift Out and About

Swift, who has embarked on her Red tour and has not been linked to a love interest in weeks, went out of her way to contact Florence, the tabloid alleges, and the two have been "text-messaging" for a couple weeks.

Just how serious is the relationship? Not very, the source says:

“I don’t think they’ve hung out yet. They’ve just been chatting.”

Expect that to change soon, however, Taylor is afraid of ending up alone in a bathtub and is unafraid to admit she is looking for love.


I TOTALLY agree with you on this one, Joe & Kellie!


Taylor is not dating this guy. She is busy with her tour and stuff. Sounds like thiis guy made a joke to the media and this is how it ends up. Random people hating on Taylor for no reason. Hating on Taylor for something that is not even true. Haters need to get a life !!


Are you guys all crazy! Taylor is definitly NOT dating this random surfer dude, all of sudden! Come on, really! How can she even THINK of dating someone, when she is currently on tour! And also, fans are in dire need of attention from her; use your brains people! Youv'e just got to either be naive- which isn't the case, considering such foul language you guys used; or stupid to even believe that THE Taylor Swift is actually dating with ANY guy right now! It'll be a WHOLE other thing, if Taylor had actually confirmed such suspicions; and really said that she's WITH this guy from out of her own mouth! And until I hear or see of this otherwise, that is when I'll finnaly believe this made-up story! Anyways, I don't think it's even POSSIBLE of Taylor; to spend both her money and her precious time on this mystery guy! Once again, I must remind you fellow people; that Taylor is currently touring! And besides, Taylor is the only artist Iv'e seen so far in the Country Music genre; to have sold out BOTH concerts AND millions of albums around the world with yet AGAIN millions of devoted fans- like me! Taylor will continue to reign as Country/Pop Queen, long AFTER she'd past- belive it or not! PS: Not to mention, to all the haters out there- Taylor is definately NOT a whore or a bitch! She's NEITHER! Is that so hard to belive! Just because she's dated a couple of guys, doesn't attomatically make her or anyone else a whore! Love is SUPPOSED to be spontaneous and exciting and new and adventurous, and also ENCHANTING! And if you don't know this by now, then shame on you. And also, even more shame on you; if youv'e EVER brought someone down to bring yourself up! A word of advice- like Taylor always say 'Be goog to others, and others will be good to you in return!' No wonder Tay has made it this far! Because- yes, she ACTUALLY does treat people nice and doesn't try to pretend! If she likes you, then she does. And if she doesn't, she doesn't. However, this might not necessarily ALWAYS be true- I must admit. BUT not in the way you Taylor haters might think! What I mean to say is that, Taylor might even hate some people that she doesn't like to mention in conversation, but that doesn't mean she'll still try her hardest to treat whomever with the utmost respect! Besides, who doesn't have one or more enemies in his/her life! Everyone at least has one! PSS: Taylor IS and FOREVER will be: the most talented and beautiful and sophisticated and unique and admirable and outspoken and daring and downright polite young women, to have ever graced us her outstanding prescence; to not only girls and boy teenagers alike; but also to other outstanding women- just like her! I very much hope that both Tay swift fans and haters, learn something from this. Long Live Taylor, from your biggest fan! :)


It's John John Florence, NOT "John John Lawrence"
however, i hope this is not true because is way too hot for her and I think that people are getting a little bit tired seeing her just show around-break up-write a emotional song-and move on to another famous dude! she is not in high school aymore! you are too old to catch public attention and to date him! he is only 19 years old for Christ sake! someone needs to grow up. just saying


i think taylor swift needs to get the fuck out of her fairy tail land and stop thinking every fucking guy is prince charming. John John is too good for her

@ manu

He is th one who lied about Taylor but you are hating on her?

Regina callahan

IF she ever does go to the beach with this guy, let us hope that she does not wear that god-awful 2 piece red polka dot bathing suit where she looked like a grandma with a too big top and the bottoms looked like a polka dot adult diaper that she wore this last summer with the Kennedy;s!!!!


Sorry but this girl will fall hard for anyone. I like her but she needs to play hard to get or she is going to keep having bad relationships. Guys dont like girls who fall so hard over night. Its scary, stalkerish!!!


Article says so far only chatting ..actually texting. Apparently Taylor intitiated contact. Wonder how she got his number if.never met inperson? Is this a case of cyber love where they met online? Taylor is on tour right now but once schedule is done.she gonna need new materials for next exboyfriend slam album. She's just thinking ahead is all. Rule one in success is once you find something that works and sells keep doing it. With the success she's had slamming her exs it only makes sense to find another ex for the next series of "pity me cuz my ex was a jerk" songs and album ..for next tour. Ya gotta wonder..if Taylor was such a catch..why can't she keep a bf? Sure..she got a lot going for her..some guys think she sexy ..she got fame and money ..but then so do porn stars. Would ya really want to marry a porn star? For those of u who answered yes..u need help. As for the bathtub comment..that was rather insensitive and obvious slam on Whitney Huston. But..why be surprised? Taylor's only exhibition of sensitivity is to her own feelings. Talk to a prison shrink and ull learn most serial killers and rapists have same profile. Taylor is only serial dating now but most serial criminals also only started out as peeping toms watching victims as they mastubated outside their windows. Eventually the peeping ain't enough and it excalated to rape and murder. Taylor Swift is a sick person on her way to stardom in ways you could never imagine.


So this is all it takes these days. Joke about you dating Taylor Swift and the press runs with it like dogs in a heat. Great way to get some publicity for some semi-irrelevant guys.

@ Joe

semi-irrelevant? dude was surfer of the year two years in a row. your irrelevant lol #surflife


I had to google him to see who he is and omg he is not cute...not even a little bit. She usually goes for nice looking guys. But....until she says she is dating him it isn't true.

@ Kellie

True i think so too ,that he is not that super cute,he looks like a snow man with that funny curly white hair,ahhhh!!!.TO Taylor you deserve better than this.

@ Mas

I dont think taylor swift deserves a talanted guy like john john. at least he doesnt wear makeup like all her other boyfriends


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