Jenelle Evans: Back in Rehab AGAIN!

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Jenelle Evans is back in rehab, again. It's been a rough few days.

The trouble Teen Mom 2 star checked into a detox center last month and was released Friday, only to check back into a rehab facility after a tough few days.

Her addiction to heroin is believed to be the root of the problem.

Jenelley Evans

“Jenelle was in great spirits before she went in," says a source.

"She is really hoping that she can get control of her life. She is bi-polar and she’s had a really hard time balancing the medication she needs for that."

It's been a rough couple of months for Jenelle Evans, no doubt. To recap:

  • She got married to Courtland Rogers out of the blue.
  • They broke up over New Year's Eve but reconciled.
  • She got pregnant and they made a huge deal of it.
  • He allegedly abused her, got drunk and left her.
  • She was hospitalized and suffered a miscarriage.
  • She reconnected with Gary Head, her ex-fiance.
  • Head dumped her while she was in rehab.

“She basically freaked out over all the crap in her life,” the source said.

That's putting it mildly. Says a friend of hers, “Jenelle was just partying and doing drugs and doing really stupid things with guys and she couldn’t stop.”

Watching herself on Teen Mom 2 was also painful for Jenelle, and with the help of her mom Barbara, she decided that rehab was the best place for her.

“Jenelle knows she needs help. She feels like $h!t when she does all the drugs and the guys treating her badly so she’s hoping this will really help her."

Here's hoping. But is that just hoping against hope? Time will tell.

In the meantime, you tell us: Can Jenelle get/stay clean?!


I think addiction is a horrible thing, its so sad that her son can't be number one in her life. I see her on the show using her phone alot instead of paying attention to him. It seems like her friends and her body image are also more important than him. Its so sad.


Ever heard the song Mr.Brownstone Guns N Roses, its no lie. Opiate Heroin addiction is no joke, it is painful and has been the demise of a many of folks. I hope and pray she gets her life straight for herself and then her child who needs a mommy!


Jenelle is not going to get clean and stay that way until she gets a serious reality check. That ain't gonna happen until she sees serious jail time and/or Barbara wises up and goes for permanent custody of Jace.


janelle baby get yo mind right clean yoself up and cum work for me. I got them jobs I put you on the right TRACK! lets get this GUAP$$$!


This white trash should have her tubes tied and never be allowed to have another child....In fact sew it all up so she can never have sex again...the white trash druggie!

@ critic

Such harsh words, I really hope that you never wind up in the HELL of a addiction. I agree, no more babies but she needs support to get clean, not ppl who think they are Holier than Thou. Your comment could make her go look for a fix, have a heart.

@ kkane

I completely agree...was thinking the same thing scrolling down reading the rude things everyone had to say. How many people go their entire lives without even TRYING to get help for themselves...shes already one step ahead. Some of her friends arent toxic, and I feel like since she has no father she supplements that lonely feeling with a boyfriend because she doesnt want to be alone...even if it isnt whats best for her or her child. She really does need to start respecting her mom though...its almost sad to watch the way she talks to her.


the only decent, sweet one is chelsea and the young kids who put up their baby for adoption. they are wonderful. the rest are sluts and don't deserve to be on a show. and joe's ex is such a stupid bitch and hateful to him. and they get paid for this.


now it's time for helft boob job?


I don't understand why MTV really has to glamorized this stupid reality show, it sure shows immaturity to its core and surething I would pray that our youngsters will never ever copy the life style of this stupid people.


Don't care about reality show & 15 mins of fame!


Don't care about reality show & 15 mins


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