Father Cleaning Gun Accidentally Shoots, Kills 10-Year Old Son

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Very sad news today out of Fairmont, North Carolina:

Christopher Stanlane was cleaning his gun on Sunday afternoon when it accidentally fired and and a bullet struck his 10-year old son in the head.

Photo of gun

The boy, who was watching TV at the time, was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Most people think that guns are what kill people, and it’s not,” said Sgt. Eric Gavaghan, a county sheriff’s official, who teaches gun safety classes. “The people and their inexperience, their lack of training, that’s what hurts other people with firearms.”

No charges have been filed, while deputies are still investigating the incident.


Okay, first I am not opposed to gun ownership. But the gun killed the kid! And the dad. Both were involved in the death. If a person ODs, we say both "they killed themselves" and "drugs killed them". Guns kill people. People kill people. Definitely, this guy should be charged, though. I am all for responsible gun ownership. Either he is guilty of negligence and idiocy or he committed 1st degree murder and hes lying. Either way he is culpable.


this is the most horrible story!!! this just goes to show how GUNS DO NOT kill people.....inexperienced shooters , people in general kill people!!! ugh so sad

Paul haugen

Correction. The gun did kill the son. The man may or may not have been cleaning his gun, we should not assume anything. I'm sure this moron won't feel a bit of remorse, and his gun nut friends will tell him 'it's not the gun, not your fault'. This is yet another stupid death, because we have way too many guns in this country. It is inevitable.


Who, in heaven's name, leaves a bullet in their gun while cleaning it?? This man had better be charged.