Elin Nordegren: Dating Chris Cline!

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Tiger Woods' former wife Elin Nordegren has reportedly started dating Chris Cline, a billionaire coal magnate, according to The New York Post.

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The Swedish former model, 33, and Cline, 53, both have mansions in the uber-exclusive Seminole Landing development in North Palm Beach, Fla.

"Elin and Chris have been dating since the holidays," a source says.

A twice-married father of four, Cline owns a luxury yacht called Mine Games, and apparently hosted a Mitt Romney fundraiser in his home last fall.

Nordegren's famous ex-husband, meanwhile, has been dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn for several months, though he and Elin are on good terms.

After breaking up following one of the wildest cheating scandals of all time, Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods reunited last month at a youth sporting event.

They were both there with kids Sam, 5, and Charlie, 4, and the now-amicable exes chatted for half an hour and were even photographed together.

Time (and new romance) heals all wounds?


I read a story on Gossip Extra,from early January, stating that Elin hosted a New Year's Eve party with Chris Cline! New Year’s Eve is Elin’s birthday!!! It seems that Tiger did not like to hear that Elin and Cline were getting close! This may have been why Tiger made the multi- million dollars proposal to Elin that was reported by the Enquirer, also in January! I can only guess that Elin did not accept Tiger's proposal since she is reportedly dating Chris Cline! Good for her!!!


now here is one "lady." elin is so beautiful and i am so happy for her. tiger will never have such a wonderful woman in his life again and elin, at last, will be happy. bless you!


Go Elin! Good for you. 54 is NOT old. It's sexy, solid, and psychologically mature. Republicans are awesome, I know, I'm a Swedish one. And, the best: He's got an awesome job, one that none of us could live without. The fact that he's wealthy just means he's smart and a target of other's jealousy. The best to you both!


Oh no! Elin, you're Swedish - we don't do Republicans!


Elin is 20 yrs younger??
Looks like it's all about the money with Elin.


don't do it, elin.
............stick with black. HE IS JUST ANOTHER OLD HORNY BASTARD!!


I hope Elin never go back to a scumbag like Tiger Woods who is a serial cheater, arrogant, self-centered, poor imitation of a human being!!! Elin deserves better than that after the horrid betrayal and humilliation Tiger inflicted on her !!! I hope it is true that she is now dating Chris Cline, a billionaire!!!

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