Cody Simpson on Justin Bieber Tour Antics: We're Young!

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Cody Simpson has come out in defense of Justin Bieber.

The 16-year old singer, who has been touring Europe with the 19-year old superstar, says the media has been blowing Bieber's actions out of proportion.

Justin didn't get kicked out of a Paris hotel room. His controversial birthday party was just a time for friends to hang. And everyone needs to chill out.

Justin Bieber Paris Concert

"Stuff that's really not that bad is made a big deal," Simpson told E! News. "People like to do that about everyone. You just gotta deal with it. [You have to] be as sensible as you can. At the end of the day, we're teenagers!"

With fans a bit concerned over Bieber's mental well-being, and critics under the belief that he's suffering a breakdown, Cody assured folks that the singer is doing just fine.

"He's great. He's very good. I was just with him like three days ago and he's doing well. We went out and explored Paris. He's a really good guy."

Bieber is in France tonight for a concert and then moves his Believe Tour to Austria over the weekend.

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