Chris Christie to Prince Harry: Don't Get Naked in N.J.!

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has a warning for Prince Harry:

No getting caught naked when you visit the Garden State.

Chris Christie in a Tux
Harry Photo

A listener asked Christie on a radio call-in show Monday if there are any plans to make sure the Harry, 28, behaves during his trip to N.J. later this spring.

Christie says he'll be with him the entire time of his visit, and that Queen Elizabeth II knows she can trust her grandson with the Governor of New Jersey.

On his last U.S. trip, the third-in-line to the British throne was caught frolicking nude with a woman in Las Vegas after an alleged game of strip billiards.

Soon, Prince Harry naked photos spread like wildfire online.

The royal family was embarrassed. Then Kate Middleton got pregnant and the heat was taken off The Spare. But the naked pool-playing memories linger.

The governor added that young people all make mistakes.

Christie, speaking on TownSquare Media's Ask the Governor program, says he's thrilled Harry wants to see the Superstorm Sandy damage and lend a hand.

Just for the love of all things sacred, keep your pants on.


Excuse me Gov.Christie but isn't the Prince an adult who fights for his country & manages his other duties to the crown w/ equal accomplishment. I think if the Prince wants to get naked & let loose he more than likely he would do that .It would not be anyone's business either. Among your many duties where does babysitting a full grown man fit in. The idea of him stopping Prince Harry from doing anything is funny. Espically when the Prince had more $ at his disposal than one could imagine. Also, the two other things one thinks of the The Real Housewives of New Jersey & Jersey; Shore. Really Gov. Christie? I'm sure that The royal family really believes what your trying to sell. Good job for trying. It's the thought that counts. I think your time might be better spent doing the people's work. You know the people of New Jersey in the USA not the Isle of Jersey UK.


nope, most new jersians are impotent?

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