Cate Edwards: "Devastated" By Rielle Hunter-John Edwards Affair

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When Cate Edwards learned that her father, former presidential candidate John Edwards, was cheating on her mother, Elizabeth, she was crushed.

The 31-year-old daughter of the disgraced former U.S. senator adds that he personally admitted to her that he had had an affair with Rielle Hunter.

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“I guess he and my mom decided that that was how it needed to be done. So yeah, I was devastated. And I was very disappointed," Edwards said.

"I mean, these are my parents. I had grown up with a lot of love in my family. And it was hard to see them go through this,” Cate said in an interview on Today.

Asked if she was mad, Cate Edwards said, “Yeah, of course.”

She gave a dignified response when asked about the “unpleasant things” Rielle Hunter wrote in her book, What Really Happened, John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.

“I just thought it was ... a poor choice, I guess, is all I can say.”

Cate spoke fondly of her mother, Elizabeth Edwards, who passed away after a brave struggle with cancer, saying, “I miss her in sort of big ways and small ways."

“The big things that go by, like my wedding. She wasn’t able to be there. But we got to talk about it. I felt incredibly lucky that I got the chance to even have that conversation with her.

“I carried out some of her vision which was great, to sort of feel her presence there even though she wasn’t there. And then there are small things. I mean, I get away with bad grammar."

"I never used to get away with bad grammar.”

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Hunter is a manipulative monster who did all this for attention. She does nothing else in her pathetic life. When she was on the morning show with Whoopie they asked her "do you do anything else?" And she said, "I wrote a book!" OMG! Get a life!! Do something good in this world! YOU HAD A BABY SO YOU CAN MANIPULATE A MAN AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY AND YOU DID IT FOR NATIONAL ATTENTION! And she wants SYMPATHY. Like she's some kind of victim. What a world class whore. I promise you she is manipulating everyone when she opens her mouth. And she calls it all LOVE.

@ yeesh

It's obvious Rielle doesn't know what love is and how to love others. Quinn unfortunately doesn't have a good role model to follow and end up suffering for her mothers transgretions.


How come John Edward's never even gave his illegitimate kid his name? Isn't his kid named after Hunter's ex-husband? Oh but, according to Rielle Hunter, Johnny just loves her and his illegitimate kid to death. It was only because of Elizabeth Edwards, aka the "witch on wheels" he wasn't being a good father. Bullcrap! Elizabeth Edwards has been dead for years now. She kicked John Edwards out of the house and was in the process of divorcing him a year before she died. John Edward used his dead wife as an excuse for all his bad behavior. If he cared about that kid of his, she'd have his name. He's clearly still ashamed of that illegitimate kid and his slutty, stupid mistress. And Rielle Hunter, the dumbest woman alive, still romanticizes "Johnny" no doubt, making him out to be this great guy "abused" by his sick wife. What a FU$KED UP family. Feel sorry for Cate and her siblings, though.

@ Michigan State Fan

Rielle needs to understand Johns first obligation is to his first family. Rielle KNEW he was married with a sick wife and 4 other children B4 she took up with him. She has no right or excuse to gripe and blame EE for John not being there as much for Quinn.She needs to put herself in EE place; she would go ballistic if she was married to John and he knocked up another woman on the side and being terminally ill. She has NOT a clue what she and John have put them through. Again maybe she does and cares less. She is a fool if she thinks John will treat her any different than he did EE. God will have to judge her for her and Johns actions. If John said all those things about EE to Rielle there is NO telling what he says about Rielle behind her back.


Cate's mother, Elizabeth, always spoke so well of John Edwards, even at the end of her life. Yes, I'm sure she was very stressed and cranky about a lot of things, who wouldn't be if they lost their firstborn son, they had terminal cancer, young children at home and her husband was lying, cheating and impregnating other women. Rielle Hunter's book revealing all sorts of confidential information about John Edwards' marriage is the most disturbing thing I ever heard of. Who does this cheap slut think she is? To slaughter the deceased mother of all 4 of John Edwards children with Elizabeth Edwards is absolutely horrendous, to me. Throughout her entire poor writter book, Hunter justifies her and John Edwards despicable behavior, while blaming his cancer stricken, tragic wife for all the events that destroyed John Edwards life, family and career. All this, Hunter blamed on Elizabeth Edwards - the dying wife! In Elizabeth Edwards' book, Resilience, SHE said it best. HER life (Elizabeth Edwards) may have been tragic, but Rielle Hunters life is PATHETIC. Poor Quinn. Her mother is a piece of garbage. Her father is a complete dirtball who is the weakest man there could be. Very disloyal to his own children. At least Cate Edwards, Emma and Jack had a wonderful mother. Rielle Hunter can never take that from them, although she tried.


What class and dignity Cate has displayed throughout her loss. Quinn has a great older sister to look up to.


John Edwards is such a disgusting pig. His speech on the courthouse steps cracked me up. "God's not through with me yet." When John Edwards isn't lying his head off, cheating on his cancer stricken wife and young children, sleeping around with one-night stand floozies in hotels, he's using God's name in vain for votes or sympathy. I NEVER heard Elizabeth drag God into her pity party like John Edwards always did. Edwards is such a sneaky lying snake. God is was always the LAST thing on "Johnny's" agenda. How dare he use God for votes and sympathy? Rielle Hunter and John Edwards are truly two peas in a pod. Hope they both rot in hell.

@ Disgusted

I just read Elizabeth Edwards' book Resilience. What a beautiful, talented, dignified, intelligent, classy lady she was. It's mind-boggling Rielle Hunter would write a book for Cate and Mrs. Edwards 2 younger children to read, dismissing Elizabeth Edwards as just a crazy lunatic. Rielle Hunter saw Elizabeth once, I believe, and that was their only interaction. Yet Hunter based an entire book on how "crazy" the mother of John Edwards' children was all during the Edward's marriage. All the information she received for the book was from John Edwards himself. If John Edwards hated his wife so much, why did he stay married he thought was a "crazy lady" or over 30 years and have 4 children with her? Who put a gun to his head? Worse, why did he lie to her and the world about how wonderful she was, how happy their marriage was etc. SHE didn't say this fake nonsense, HE did !!! I understand (through the grapevine) John Edwards is still seeing/sleeping with that piece of human garbage, Rielle Hunter. How Cate Edwards could possibly forgive her father for being such a monster to her own mother on her deathbed and while she's now resting next to Wade in the grave, is beyond me. Mrs. Edwards, rest in peace. Strangers are more loyal to you than your own family.


All the arrows Rielle Hunter slung at Elizabeth Edwards over the years, ended up bouncing off Elizabeth and shooting John Edwards and herself in the head. That's the beauty of Hunter's big ugly mouth.


I love how Cate Edwards' brains,dignity and class, are such a sharp contract to Rielle Hunter's low-life, stupidity, and sluttiness. Cate and her younger siblings with Elizabeth should thank their lucky stars their mother is Elizabeth. They didn't get a father worth mentioning. God knows he treated their mother like garbage. Edwards illegitimate daughter, AKA "precious Quinn" is stuck with two despicable creatures for parents. Poor little kid was forced into a firestorm by Rielle Hunter. So unfair to force a child into the world based on deceit.


John Edwards is scum. And I'm so glad this all came out when it did, or this cheating, lying scumbag could have been our President. Another Kennedy.

@ critic

Perhaps you should look up some of those "family values" serial cheating bible thumpers who obviously have NEVER actually read the bibles they thump when running for office. You will find there are a LOT more of them!

@ critic

I totally agree...John Edwards is S-C-U-M!!!!! And, to me, John Edwards is Y-E-T another example of the typical politician (or whatever)...a lying and cheating DIRT-BALL!!!!! Period.


Cate, just want you to know I am proud of the way you have handled yourself during this ordeal. Being classy and let Rielle hang herself and not lowering yourself down to her level. Unfortunately, Quinn will have to suffer the consequences of her mother's actions which will not be a close relationship with the rest of the Edwards children. Parents do make mistakes and have short comings but John should be focusing on raising Emma and Jack; Quinn will have to take a back seat at times; sad but it is what it is and she has her mother: yall just have your dad John. Continue to stay strong for your unborn baby along with Emma and Jack who need you and John both! I would be furious if some woman said all those hateful and hurtful things about my mom also.