Cady Groves: Confronted by Miranda Lambert Over Blake Shelton Non-Affair!

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Okay, Life & Style admits in its latest issue, there was no Blake Shelton affair.

The Voice judge did not actually cheat on his superstar wife, as a previous cover story alleged via capital letters and misleading wording.

Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton Tabloid Cover

But Shelton did reportedly get kind of close to a 23-year old old artist named Cady Groves... and Lambert was none too pleased about the interaction!

As a result, the magazine claims Lambert actually called Groves on more than one occasion and warned her to stay away from her man.

What was THE SHOCKING OUTCOME of this confrontation, as the above headline screams?

You'll need to pick up the latest issue of Life & Style in order to waste your money on a complete non-story to find out!

NOTE: Also included in this edition, proof that Keeping Up the Kardashians is scripted.


Cady Groves is unattractive and very trashy. I doubt Blake would go there. Miranda is beautiful:)

@ crystal

Obviously you're a Miranda fanboy/girl and have only heard some retard talk about this "story" if you knew anything about Cady, you would understand that she loves Miranda and her music and that this was just a huge blow over. Just shut up and go away to the bottom of the ocean. Seriously. The world would be better off.

@ crystal

No, she isn't. She's pretty badass, and not interested in Blake. She respects his marriage and Miranda is seriously overreacting. Blake and Cady have been friends for years and that's all they are. Miranda just can't handle the fact that her husband has a friend that's a female.


Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. Just remember how he came into your life . . .

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