Brendan Fraser: Losing $87,000 a Month!

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Brendan Fraser is making $205,704.04 a month.

His expenses, unfortunately, are much higher.


Yes, he's in the red each month to the tune of $87,320.01, he reveals in his ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife, Afton Smith, to whom he owes $50,000.

A month. To prove his financial situation has diminished (by a lot) and his alimony should be reduced, Fraser listed his monthly income and expenses:

  • Professional expenses: $112,803.25
  • Alimony: $50,000
  • Mortgages: $5,000+
  • Property tax: $6,000+
  • Income tax: $34,132.52
  • Child support: $25,000
  • Gardening: $5,200
  • Various insurances: $5,000+
  • Family support and gifts: $5,000+
  • Staffing: $3,000
  • Pet care: $7.77

Yes, $7.77 for pet care. SMH there, right?

For a guy supposedly worth $25 million, we're not sure how this happened, but maybe the income isn't what it used to be back in the Encino Man days.

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