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In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI has released 128 pages of files on Whitney Houston.

And based at least some of the documents, it looks like Houston was the subject of an extortion plot in 1992.

In a letter actually marked “extortion,” a woman threatens to release “certain details” of the singer’s “private life” unless she is paid $100,000. A subsequent note ups the ask to $250,000 and makes a reference to Houston’s “romantic relationships.”

Whitney Houston in 2004
Photo via Getty Images

The FBI talked to Houston, her father and a pair of attorneys and the artist admitted in those conversations that she did discuss “personal things” with this blackmailing “friend.”

There is then a reference to a confidentiality agreement sent to the woman by John Houston, along with a sum of money.

The case was closed soon afterward.

Other documents made public were based around frightening fan mail sent to the artist, including one that prompted investigators to fly to Brussels and track down a Dutch fan who claimed to have sent tapes to Houston.

This man accused Whitney of performing his music and in 1999 the FBI wrote that the individual “pledged there would be no further attempts on his part to communicate in any way with Houston.”