Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Marriage in Trouble?

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage is in trouble, according to a tabloid report - but is there an iota of truth to what celebrity gossip mag OK! claims?

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A so-called “insider” says that the “stress of awards season” and Ben Affleck’s time away from home “has the exhausted couple headed for trouble.”

After Ben Affleck's Oscars speech, it's not surprising that this kind of speculation would arise. Whether it's indicative of real "trouble" is another story.

Most likely it isn't. It doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary.

Take this second hilarious OK! "insider" quote, for example:

“Jennifer is extremely accommodating, but when she feels too pushed, she speaks up for herself. If she’s not heard, guess who’s sleeping in the guest room?”

So basically, marriage is hard and they occasionally fight.

Even if that were a real quote, we doubt Ben would dispute it. Ditto claims that he's been “spending so much time with industry insiders promoting his work."

Jen, allegedly, "does not realize that it’s a necessary evil in the film business," which leads to tension between the parents of three young children.

Granted, Affleck acknowledged after winning Best Picture for Argo that things between the two were not always easy. "I love you, honey" it wasn't.

Still, it's ironic that Ben's praise for his wife and marriage - “it's the best kind of work, and there’s no one I’d rather work with” - is being turned against him.

Basically, don't count on them splitting up anytime soon.


What happened to people's memories of the hard 7 to 10 years Ben has worked hard to revive his career. Jennifer has been there the whole time and with him as all of this work went on. It was a lovely, heartfelt Thank You! Also what happened to people remembering that Ben has won every Award out there this year and he has said he adored his wife, loved his wife, she was his everything, she makes all things possible in his life, she is the reason he is where he is. I have personally heard him say all of these things at more premieres, Award shows and Guild Awards and Film festivals than I can count. It is sad that people do not remember they have small children, one of which can read and could certainly be upset by all of this. It is so sad that this is what passes for entertainment news!


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