Tori Locklear Burns Hair Off in Beauty Tutorial Gone Awry

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Tori Locklear made headlines for her online how-to hairstyle tutorial this week, but not in a good way - she burned a chunk of it off and the clip went viral.

On the flip side, this really increased her visibility!

The Florida middle schooler's guide to curling your hair went horribly wrong for her as she attempted to share her wisdom on the subject with viewers.

Locklear was using a hot curling iron when suddenly her hair simply falls off. Her priceless reaction: "Oh my God..." she whispers. "You're kidding me."

Luckily, she's a good sport. On her Facebook page, she writes, "Hi I'm Tori Locklear! Yep, the girl who burned her hair off with the wand! That's me LOL :D"

"A hairdresser told me it was the TRESemme spray I put on my hair!"

See? Consider that your tutorial there. TRESemme + iron = bad.


it wasn't made in theU.S.A., I hope?


I want to know the brand of the curling wand so that I never buy it. It looks to me like she left the thing on her hair too long but still. It shouldn't have melted her hair as if it were plastic!!

@ Kellie

it wasnt the wand... it was the spray... the wand looked like a conair though...

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