The Bachelor: Sean Lowe Fantasy Suite Rejection Ahead?

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By now, you've likely read The Bachelor spoilers for insight on who wins Sean Lowe's final rose on March 11. Or you've purposely avoided said spoilers.

Either way, we'll leave that conversation alone here. Follow the above link for all those details. Right now, let's talk about Monday's big episode.

It's Fantasy Suite time ... or is it, given Sean's born-again virgin status?

Sean Lowe, Rose

AshLee Frazier, Catherine Guidici and Lindsay Yenter accompany Sean to Si Kao, Thailand, where the sun is hot, but the Fantasy Suite may be not.

Read on for some interesting insight on that very subject ...

The woman who gets sent home Monday night reportedly does not take this surprise well. We're talking a tear-filled departure, with no words exchanged.

"It's one of the most heart-wrenching goodbyes ever on the show" says an E! source. "She is downright devastated and it's impossible not to feel for her."

So who is it? Brings us to our second maybe-spoiler.

AshLee Frazier reportedly struggles a bit on her date, which requires her to swim through a pitch-black cave ... and that's before the Fantasy Suite situation.

According to ABC, she "draws a moral line in the sand." Hmm. AshLee, like Sean, is very religious, so it's hard to say how this will impact her chances.

Still, you have to wonder if her days are numbered.

As for Catherine and Lindsay, less is known about their dates, but Sean clearly enjoys the fun-loving, easy-going side of each. They could be your final two.

Then again, Lindsay Yenter may be too young, and Catherine Giudici too much of a wild card for family-oriented Sean ... who is engaged to the winner.

What do you think? Who's Sean going to choose?

And who do you want to win The Bachelor?


I was surprised he let Ashlee go...I think they had the strongest emotional connection. He freaked about commitment...and chose the two immature, non-marriage material. Neither Catherine or Lindsey will work out and I wouldn't be surprised if he reconnects with Ashlee down the road when the show is long over...just remember where you heard it first!


Anytime a woman rejects the fantasy suite, she is sent home. Period. it's all about sex and not love. He may be a "virgin" but there are a lot of sexual things you can do and still call yourself a "virgin."


Sean needs to propose to Lindsey Hed be a fool to go with Catherine she is too wild and not ready to settle down. I think he will get his heart broke if he proposes to her. I just dont see her marriage or family material. KEEP LINDSEY SEAN


I am so tired of hearing about Ashley's abandonment issues. She needs therapy before, she will no longer be considered damaged goods. What about poor Des whose family lived in a tent or Catherine whose father has drug issues? You didn't hear them rehash their troubles or play the pity card. What's wrong with Ashley's hairline? It starts halfway down her forehead like she is wearing a wig that, has slipped. Thank God, Sean is getting rid of her.


It's heartbreaking to see any of the 3 goes, unfortunately Sean is looking for the love of his life, he's here for a long haul? Can't blame him for choosing what's in his heart. God bless both of them.


he shouldve kept des, just saying


is this loser still "Vaccant"?
well..........RAPE HIM SISTERS!!

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