The Bachelor Spoilers 2013: Sean Lowe Final Four, WINNER Revealed!

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It's that time of year again!

Not for The Bachelor - that's still two months away - but for The Bachelor spoilers that annually give away major details before the season even starts! Woo hoo!

What can we expect from the 2013, 17th season of ABC's not-at-all-scripted guilty pleasure, starring Bachelorette finalist Sean Lowe? Read on to find out!

Sean Lowe as The Bachelor

The man, the myth, the Bachelor spoilers legend Reality Steve has done it again. The constant thorn in Mike Fleiss' side has Sean's final four and more!

In fact, we even know who wins the final rose and if they're engaged!

Who are the lucky ladies? Follow the jump for photos and details ...

In alphabetical order by first name, Sean Lowe's top four are:

AshLee Frazier Photo

AshLee Frazier! Yes, which the capital “L” in the middle. Obviously.

She's 32 years old and hails from Houston, TX. AshLee is a Personal Organizer for “Love It! Organized.” Her dad Bruce Frazier, is a pastor. Good fit for Sean!

Catherine Giudici Photo

Catherine Giudici! From Seattle, she's a Visual Designer at Amazon.

Desiree Hartsock Photo

Desiree Hartsock! A fashion designer for Serenity Bridal in Newport Beach, Calif., she likes riding horses, according to Steve. That's always nice.

Lindsay Yenter Photo

Lindsay Yenter! She's from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

What do you think, based on the cheesy ABC head shots? Does Sean have good taste? We'll post more information and details as they become available.

Sean Lowe's hometown dates with these four ladies were filmed October 27-November 1, with the rose ceremony cutting the field to three last Friday.

The final three are now in Thailand for overnight dates and the final rose ceremony.

It's unclear as of now who made the final three, but when we know, so will you.

UPDATE, 11/30/12: The results are in, and the lucky winner has been revealed.

After Sean Lowe narrows the field to the final four women reported above:

  • Desiree Hartsock is eliminated after the hometown dates.
  • AshLee Frazier is eliminated in the final three.
  • Lindsay Yenter is the runner-up this season.
  • Catherine Giudici wins the final rose.
  • Sean Lowe proposes to her.
  • They're engaged.

“Technically I will not be vindicated until the finale airs," sayeth Reality Steve, "but I’m not worried in the least bit about being wrong about this. It’s not wrong."

"Sean is engaged to Catherine and you will see that play out in March.”

We'll post more details of how they get to that point soon. Until then, all we can do is sit back, watch it play out and be entertained despite knowing the outcome.

UPDATE, 1/3/13: In case you're curious, the season reportedly plays out this way:

Episode 1 Eliminations: Ashley H, Paige Vigil, Lacey Latka, Lauren Marchetti, KeriAnn Miranda, Kelly Dutton, and Ashley Palenkas.

Episode 2 Eliminations: Diana Willardson and Brooke Burchette. Katie Levans left during the group date cocktail party.

Episode 3 Eliminations: Kristy Kaminski and Taryn Daniels. Kacie Boguskie is eliminated before rose ceremony begins.

Episode 4 Eliminations: Amanda Meyer, Leslie Hughes (sent home during her date).

Episode 5 Eliminations: Robyn Howard (ceremony), Jackie (sent home on date).

Episode 6 Eliminations: Sarah (eliminates herself after the group date), Selma, Daniella.

Episode 7 Eliminations: Tierra LiCausi (has a meltdown and leaves before ceremony), Lesley Murphy.

Episode 8 Elimination: Desiree Hartsock (after hometown dates).

Episode 9 Elimination: AshLee Frazier (after overnight dates).

Episode 10: The Women Tell All Special. Always a good time.

Episode 11 Elimination: Lindsay Yenter (final rose ceremony).

Reportedly, this went down as most past final rose ceremonies have; both approached Sean, he bid Lindsay farewell and proposed to Catherine Giudici.

UPDATE, 1/29/13: Through the first four weeks at least, the elimination of the first group of women has played out exactly according to this report.

For the next three weeks, intel is somewhat sketchier, but we would be very, very surprised if the final four women were not the ones reported above.

UPDATE, 2/5/13: As reported above, Robyn and Jackie are out, while Daniella McBride is still around. As is Tierra LiCausi, who's becoming a nightmare.

Don't expect her to last until the hometowns, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), but she has at least one more episode to wreak havoc.

Speaking of which, The Bachelor is back on tonight with its a first-ever Tuesday 9 p.m. episode. Because two hours a week. Not enough. We need FOUR.

UPDATE, 2/6/13: For Sarah, Selma and Daniella, the dream is shattered. For Tierra, Lesley, Lindsay, Catherine, AshLee and Desiree, it lives on.

With five episodes to go, we're pretty confident of the above results' accuracy. We'll be updating you with any details or corrections as it plays out.

UPDATE, 2/12/13: Looks like the intel and predictions rang true again. Lesley was eliminated, while Tierra basically eliminated herself by losing it.

UPDATE, 2/19/13: Phew. It was close there for a minute, but Desiree got the axe, sending AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay on to the overnight dates.

If you've read the spoilers above, you know how things supposedly play out. We'll know for certain in the coming weeks, and update you as needed.

UPDATE, 2/26/13: AshLee's gone after a heartbreaking ending. That leaves Lindsay and Catherine to vie for the final rose on the March 11 finale.

UPDATE, 3/5/13: The Women Tell All offered a few surprises - most notably AshLee accusing Sean of lying about his feelings for Lindsay and Catherine.

No changes to the reported ending of the season, however. So we ask you, readers, with one week remaining in what has been a truly epic season ...

Was it the right call for Sean to send AshLee home?

Who would you want to win of the final two? Vote:

UPDATE, 3/11/13: Yup, Catherine Giudici it is. After The Bachelor finale, it seemed like it was in doubt ... but if you read this, it never really was.

In the end, despite all the hype over the letter, it played out just like past seasons, with both of the final two both appearing at the final rose ceremony.

Lindsay Yenter was rejected. It was sad. Sean Lowe then gave his final rose to Catherine Giudici. It ended up being a love letter that she wrote.

He proposed. She said yes. And they are engaged. Congratulations to Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe, and our hearts go out to Lindsay Yenter.

Was it the right call? Did he blow this? Comment below!

What do you all think? Will Sean and Catherine last?


Give me a break, "Aslee is sweet", did anyone out there listen to Chris? The BIG FIGHT went on for hours. Neither of them are sweet. Both are neurotic with a strong need to win.
After 31 years if marriage, I can confirm that good marriages are based on love, laughter and the desire to be together. Love is NOT the need for someone else to make you whole. In the long run, needy is NOT pretty.
Maturity does NOT mean you NEED someone else to complete you. Maturity means to share your life NOT depend on someone else to create your life for you... There's an old story about building your own castle, on strong found foundation, and your prince will show up . Too true, what's not to want about someone like that. So gals fix yourself first then you'll be ready for Mister Right when he comes along. Believe me, he will and he'll be so greatful he found someone like you!


I have enjoyed watching Shaun. He has shown a lot of respect for himself, and the girls. He was totally off base with Tiara. She was such a phoney a blind man could have seen through her evil self.

@ Renee G

His name is SEAN, NOT SHAUN


I CANNOT believe that sean lowe has sent home ashlee F. I hope that sean and catherine dont last. I absolutly hate catherine because she is only there to win and to act like a little kid.! She is way to young for him and looks young. I think that she is only doing it for fun. When sean went to catherines house she looked so nervous and her sisters even said that she wasnt ready for marriage and that catherine didnt know what she wanted. She needs to get over herself. She is NOT pretty at all. I FREAKEN LOVE ASHLEE F. SO MUCH.!!!!!! Ashlee was the prettiest girl there. She was always organized and she was always the first one to say that she loved sean. People say thay the only reason that sean had sent ashlee home was because she didnt have a silly side in her but really what I think is that she had EVERYTHING in here. I hope that sean leaves catherine for ashlee. ( I freaken love ashlee. She gorgeous and all of the above. )

@ ebru

I' m much older than you and I really don't mean to sound patronizing, but I will brave it all and ask you to read my post.


The Bachelor jumped the shark this season in more ways than one. I am finally over this show and feel no inclination to watch another season. Adios!


Lesley Murphy is the REAL DEAL!!! Big mistake in letting her go Sean! She is smart, fun, beautiful and very positive. Yes she was nervous, obviously because she was in LOVE with you big time!!! LESLEY MURPHY should be the next bachelorette!


In one of the scences weeks ago, it showed Catherine had an engagement ring on her left ring finger. It was when she was hugging Sean. I recorded it on my DVR and i rewound it and showed my husband. Either they made a mistake in putting it in an earlier scene or put it their on purpose to throw everyone off. And now i see she is one of the last ones left.


\Catherine should be the winner as she is pretty, full of fun, smart and they look good together.
Am hoping for this as Sean is a nice guy, you can see this in his face, and should be one of the bachelors that finally get it right and they stay together. Good luck!!


I hope that Sean will propose to Ashlee since she Loves him alot


I do not think Sean would have been offended by Desiree's brothers comments unless something within said it might be true. The anger was a clear sign of his true heart in this matter. He can say what he wants but someone who knew without doubt that his intentions and feelings were sincere and honorable WOULD NOT have been angered or offended. Desiree's brother hit the 'thorn' on its head. You never really know people but you can get an idea of who they truly are by their REACTIONS. Desiree should thank her brother for revealing the truth. She deserves so much better.

@ Texan2

Sean is fake! its almost impossible for people like that to find love!

@ Texan2

Sean is fake! its almost impossible for people like that to find love!

@ Texan2



A few minutes ago, I watched a sneak (and brief) preview of tomorrow night's new episode of The Bachelor. And I have a very sad feeling that Desiree's gonna be eliminated on Monday night's upcoming new episode. And, that's because during the, um, hometown date, Sean and Desiree's ex come to blows. D-R-A-M-A and bro-on-bro CAT-FIGHT...LOL!!!!!

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