Taylor Armstrong to Be Fired From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is being primed for a makeover, a new report indicates, and Taylor Armstrong may be the odd woman out.

The original cast member may be fired as producers reach out to some new ladies in the area, including Rod Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster.

Rod's son, Sean, is (not) coincidentally dating Adrienne Maloof.

Taylor Armstrong: The Lips

As of now, none of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members have received official pick-ups for next season yet, so there's a lot up in the air.

Filming begins in April, though, so they will know at least three weeks beforehand which of them should be expecting camera crews at their doorsteps.

As for Armstrong, "producers are looking at other options ... they feel like Taylor's storyline has become too dark and they need to shake things up a bit."

Much of her involvement in the show has dealt with the fallout from her husband Russell Armstrong's suicide in 2011 ... and that's dragged on for awhile.

"They have been talking to quite a few new people," the source adds, noting that at least five women have been approached, including Lancaster.

"There are also discussions about Faye Resnick possibly coming onboard as a full time-member," says the insider of the current recurring player.

What do you think? Should Bravo axe Taylor Armstrong?


Brandi is such a opportunist, she has befriended Lisa because of her generosity and kindness, and because she has plenty of money, she is always crying the victim when she is the one who starts the trouble and then gets Lisa to fight her battles she is so painful to watch,if she is in it next season I will not be watching the show cannot stand a girl with a trashy mouth.


If Faye Resnick comes on full time I shall stop watching the show. I all ready turn it off when she comes on.


Taylor should go! I think Adrienne is already phasing
out. I would be beyond happy if they would get
rid of Brandi!


M.... I agree with what you say. However, I would add Kyle to the hit list. She is just evil to the core. I don't understand how she adds to the mix except the expectation that her husband will wander and the marriage blow in flames. The truth be told, they are all getting old (literally and figuratively) and boring. I used to like Vanderpump until I watched her bait Brandi into meeting with the waitress at one of her restaurants (to boost her own reality TV series) to "talk things out'. Any positive interest I had for her is gone. Kim is headed for a cliff-dive - as we all know and anticipate, and Brandi hasn't anything to talk about. She is too old to be parading in short dresses and is looking like an aging barbie doll. She is ridiculous. Adrienne is as interesting as a turnip, and Yolanda has nothing else to do. Camille likes to take the occasional high road, but sinks fast when she feels pressure from the network to either join in with enthusiasm or get the boot. I have no idea how these women could be friends. They have absolutely nothing to talk about. Having to participate in any event that includes this group would be worse than an hour of water boarding.

@ Phinatti

I SOOOOOO agree with you! The show is grasping
for relevance and has become torture to watch.
For a tramp like Brandi to become a heroine is the
biggest joke - so typical of Bravo.

@ karen

I feel wiped out when watching an episode of these horrible women. The screaming and yelling sucks the life out of me. I find that I will watch only when they are re-runs... so that I can fast forward. Only problem is, that there is nothing to fast forward to. I stopped watching. I just read the headlines about updates. I know exactly what's going to happen.


Taylor really needs to go. My impression was that they were phasing her out this season, until she threw herself in the middle of the Brandi/Adrienne drama. I also felt Camille was desperate to stay relevant (hence the odd comments in Vegas). I really hope they don't add Faye Resnick. If they do, I will no longer watch. I also believe Adrienne and Kim need the boot. I think it is atrocious Adrienne would bring a drug addict around her kids as her "boyfriend" and Bravo would hit an all-time low if they brought on Rod's wife to create a little family drama.

@ Momma

Based on the fact Fang Resnick's blog was removed by Bravo for the record breaking number of negative responses, she probably will not become a part of the permanent ensemble and ... probably not have much airtime in the coming seasons.


Taylor needs to go. It is the only responsible thing to do. I think Bravo kept her for guilt reasons, but the right business move would be to eliminate her - get her out of the spot-light - and spend money to get her into mental therapy. Taylor's cessation of alcohol is not the only answer. She is deeply mental and needs serious help.


Thank goodness! If Bravo & Taylor Armstrong, are serious about Taylor "representing" abused women, then she needs to get off the show! She makes me feel like abused women, whether they were originally crazy or made crazy by abuse, can NEVER get better! Because they're too crazy to realize that they need to stop, relax, and get HELP.


I will definitely stop watching if Faye is a full cast member. Everything about that woman just makes me cringe. Taylor is starting to become interesting in some ways, but I wouldn't feel too bad if she left.


I will never watch the show with Faye on it... I think Taylor is one of the best cast members you have.
I think you can cut Kim and Adrienne.. please don't screw this show up

@ bob

This show is beyond screwed up! They added Brandi
for vulgarity and dumbing down of women in general
to a cast of narcissistic NON housewives.


If Faye REsnick is brought on the show - you can count me out for watching it. As of now, Shs is not a housewife and I can't stand her!

@ EWood

Well, Camille, Brandi, Kim, Adrienne and Taylor are
not housewives either! So why keep this "housewives" show on the air?

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