Sequestration: What Does it Mean? How Bad Will it Suck?

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Sequestration is coming Friday, March 1. Maybe you heard.

But what does it mean in this case, and will it impact you?


Sequestration, or the "sequester cuts," refers to the automatic federal budget cuts that are set to take place on Friday, unless a deal is reach to stop them.

That is looking increasingly unlikely with each passing day.

Both President Barack Obama and Republicans say they want to avoid sequestration, but neither has been willing to make sacrifices to make it possible.

Larger-picture entitlement reform and tax increases are probably both necessary to form any real solution, but instead of compromise, we get finger pointing.

Over the weekend, the White House released detailed reports of how each state will be impacted if the sequestration budget cuts were to take effect.

Education, public health, law enforcement, defense, food safety, aviation safety and security, and national parks programs will all take a hit if cuts take hold.

The cuts total $85.4 billion, including $42.7 billion being cut from the defense budget over 10 years and $28.7 billion in domestic discretionary spending.

Another $9.9 billion will be cut from Medicare, and $4 billion in other mandatory cuts. That's a lot of money. So how are we even in this predicament?

It's all part of efforts to curb the U.S. national debt, which exploded upward when the 2007 recession hit and now stands at more than $16 trillion.

The sequester has been coming for more than a year, with Congress pushing it back to March 1 as part of the fiscal cliff deal at the end of the last session.

It started with the 2011 standoff over the U.S. debt ceiling, when Republicans in Congress demanded spending cuts in exchange for raising the limit.

In the end, both sides agreed to more than $2 trillion in cuts. About $1 trillion was laid out in the debt-ceiling bill and the rest imposed through sequestration.

This was seen a kind of fiscal doomsday device that Congress would have to disarm by forming a consensus on taxes / spending reductions on its own.

So much for that.

How bad will it be if the cuts take effect? The full impact likely won't be felt for months, though it is already starting to manifest itself in many ways.

In schools across the U.S. that depend on federal funding, for example, the belt-tightening has already begun. But is this inevitable, sequester or not?

Costs are out of control and tax revenues (and the population growth needed to bolster the economy along with high paying jobs) are not what they used to be.

Republicans, who typically stand on the side of more cuts, have criticized Obama's fight against the sequester, saying he is dramatizing its impact.

They've also accused him of "campaigning" by appearing at events around the country bashing them rather than trying to solve the problem himself.




End the war - Bring the drones home!


Stop giving our hard earned tax money to other countries including our "allies"!! Our government should be for the American people and they are not!!!!!!!

@ Mike Cohen

Good start, Mike. They also need to end most entitlement programs. Drop all the people on SSI for little more than a hangnail. Stop giving welfare, housing, food and medical to GENERATIONS of families who refuse to get off their asses and work for a living. If nothing else, create jobs and put them out on the freeways picking up garbage. Make them do SOMETHING! Throw illegal immigrants out of the country like other countries do. Do you think Mexico provides translators, food stamps, housing and healthcare to people who sneak into their country? Fuck no! They put them in prison and then get rid of them. TAX the rich the same percentage of their income that the poor and middle class have to pay. Stop giving special treatment to Native Americans. Lastly, Impeach the Obamanation in the White House.

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Sequestration: What Does it Mean, IT Means:
Republicans will PAY for this in 2014, makes it worth what will happen just to get rid them and go to a NEW 2 party system that will NOT include republicans. They caused all this under Bush and the Republicans of today make Bush look like child's play. They need to go and go for good.
The party of the rich is over.

@ joe damico

Does the name Scott Walker strike a cord with you? He's the REPUBLICAN that got the state of Wisconsin back in order, took a deficit and turned it into a surplus. And where is that surplus going, back to the tax payers and school system. Yeah he had to make some tough choices and caught some heat for it, even survived a recall, but it was what the state needed. Someone with a backbone who has the state's best interest at heart and not his own personal agenda. Did I mention he's a REPUBLICAN? But you know what Joe, you go ahead and blame the REPUBLICAN'S, we all know democrats never take responsiblity for their actions why should they when it's easier to point the finger at someone else.

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So we've resorted to name calling and personal attacks. Spoken like a true democrat, I wouldn't have expected anything less.

@ joe damico

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Jason north van boesschoten
@ fantom100

Not true, Clinton was good, Bush was bad, Obama is Bad and Rand will be good. Their are always good and bad of each. We need someone who listens to the people and gets of their own agenda. I have seen gov spending first hand and i can tell you it is way out of control and a big waist. We dont need a smaller gov, we need a smarter one. we spend 3 times the next country in education and have some of the worst scores, we spend more in healthcare and don't even offer universal, we spend 8 times that in defensive spending and cant even get rid of the terrorist, we spend 2.5 times the next country in police force and yet we have gangs running free and school being shot up. We have stupid spending that goes to the higher ups that are doing nothing to change anything and collecting large paychecks. our change must start from the top, get rid of the people wasting the money and then relocate the wasted money in ways of tax cuts, deficit reduction and or new programs to help grow our economy.

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