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Multiple fans that were injured in Saturday’s crash at Daytona International Speedway have obtained legal counsel and plan on suing NASCAR for the scary event that injured 33 spectators.

NASCAR Crash at Daytona

The incident took place toward the end of a Nationwide race, as a car zoomed into the fence in front of the grandstand bleachers.


According to WFTV, drivers such as Tony Stewart have visited those hospitalized, while NASCAR has sent a customer service representative to check on them – but it’s not enough for some fans who are after legal (read: monetary) retribution.

"No fan assumes the risk of a car flying in the stands and suffering a significant injury," said attorney Matt Morgan, a lawyer hired by three of the victims.

"What we have to investigate – what was done and was there a safer fence that wasn’t put in place because of monetary considerations?"

The lawsuit, if filed, will focus on the manufacturers of the 22-foot high fence and whether it was sufficient enough for an accident of this nature.