Sean Lowe: The Virgin Bachelor?!

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Is The Bachelor star Sean Lowe a virgin?

A new tabloid cover insinuates this, but it's not totally accurate. The more appropriate way to put it is that the 29-year-old Texan is a "born-again" virgin.

Sean Lowe: Virgin?

Basically, he "no longer believes" in premarital sex, even though he has had it before, and is waiting until his wedding night to get his freak on again.

The Bachelor spoilers totally didn't mention that, although we did hear that he will forego overnight dates in the fantasy suite because of his beliefs.

Apparently he takes this seriously and it will be addressed as The Bachelor winds down the home stretch of its 17th iteration, Chris Harrison says.

“Sean doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married. It’s very important to him,” says a source, who adds that his future bride is respectful of this, too.

Sean Lowe is engaged to one of the final four women from this season, but they are waiting until walking down the aisle before they go down that road.

Who is it? Follow the above link to find out, but the lucky final rose recipient, who will remain nameless in this post, is reportedly having a hard time waiting.

No wonder they're allegedly planning to wed this summer.

“She wasn’t celibate going in to The Bachelor, so it's a big change,” adds the source of Sean and future Mrs. Sean. “She’s dying to do it. Waiting is tough!”

Indeed. The final contestants vying for Lowe’s love are Catherine Giudici, 26, AshLee Frazier, 32, Desiree Hartsock, 26, and Lindsay Yenter, 24.

Who do you think he should pick?


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Okay folks, this should not even be up for debate. Having sex is an ACT, meaning it is physiological and cannot renounce that. Imagine you read a magazine, and then later say, I've decided I didn't read that magazine, because I want to say I chose not to.....HELLO!! You did read the magazine, that HAPPENED, in the flesh. You can choose to change your feelings, beliefs, wants, and goals, as these are emotions, but an act is an act - you did it, whether you like it or not.


Being a "born-again" virgin is the most STUPIDEST thing ever!!!!! I don't know ANYONE who is a "born-again" virgin...and that includes me!!!!! More and more, Sean is acting like a stupidly overly-moral motherfucker...gimme a fuckin' break!!!!! Bottom Line: NOBODY is that fuckin' pure!!!!!!! Period.