Rob Gronkowski: Sorry for Broken Arm Partying!

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Rob Gronkowski has apologized for acting like a bonehead.

The Patriots tight end - who missed the end of the regular season and the playoffs with a broken forearm - was caught on video in Las Vegas last month, dancing up a storm and wrestling with a friend on the stage of a nightclub.

But Gronkowski has now seen the error of his way… sort of.

The All-Pro posed with a fan at Universal Studios in Orlando Sunday while donning a shirt that reads "Sorry for Partying."

With this gesture be enough for Bill Belichick? We somehow doubt it.

Rob Gronkowski: Sorry!

Hate the Pats but I love Gronkowski! Man is he huge and is a beast on Sundays!! He is breaking records like nobody else in a long time. I heard he has over 20 in his first 3 years! Peps give him a lot of grief for partying hard but I say more power to him! How fun would it be to hang with him for the night? He could charge big money. :)

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