Phillip Phillips' Mother: Arrested for DUI

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Maybe she just wants to get Home.

Sheryl Phillips, the mother of last year's American Idol champion, was arrested yesterday on charges of DUI.

Sheryl Phillips Mug Shots

The incident took place, according to TMZ insiders, when Albany, Georgia officers pulled over Mrs. Phillips because her van was swerving through traffic.

Sheryl then failed to complete a field sobriety test and was taken into custody.

Sources also confirm that Phillip's parents split last week, which is no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a car inebriated, of course.

The singer himself has a less-than-ideal relationship with his mom and dad. Last year, the family pawn shop went out of business - and he refused to help.


I feel so sorry for Phillip, He worked so hard, so so sick, to get where he is today. He cant help his parents, they should be thankful they have a wonderful son. I know there are times we ALL have problems in our familys.. You cant help someone who wants to drink, You cant help parents who are divorceing... There problems are not Phillips. And now the media will hound him.. He loves his family, He doesnt want to talke about their problems....Hang in there Phillip... and God Bless

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