Oscar Pistorius Nike Ad: "Bullet in the Chamber" Takes on Chilling New Meaning

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Oscar Pistorius' Nike ad during the 2012 London Olympics - part of the athletic giant's "Weapon" series - declared the sprinter a "bullet in the chamber."

Given the stunning events of this morning, when Pistorius was arrested for murder in South Africa, those words have taken on a chilling new meaning.

Oscar Pistorius Nike Ad

Early Thursday, South African police arrested the double amputee and Olympic inspiration for the shooting death of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Initial reports indicated that the death was an accident, but police have refrained from definitive statements on the crime; he is due in court tomorrow.

Oscar Pistorius' Nike ad, obviously now in bad taste given the situation, has been pulled by the company. But it begs the broader question in general:

Are weaponry and violence too serious to employ metaphorically - and so casually - in sports marketing? Is athletic competition really akin to war?

Watch the ad below and see if you think it's inappropriate, not just in light of Pistorius alleged slaying of Reeva Steenkamp, but as a general idea:

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very well pointed out R W EMERSON and THG bloggers.... I agree, sport should NOT be compared to war. Sport is a constructive positive thing, which is meant to increase health and happiness, where as war...well its the exact opposite!


"Are weaponry and violence too serious to employ metaphorically - and so casually - in sports marketing? Is athletic competition really akin to war?" -- excellent questions! War is a lucrative business. As a result, we've become obsessed with war-making. We're led to believe that bombs and bullets are the solution to every problem. In reality, they are usually the cause of the problem: The more we make war, the more enemies we have, and the deeper we dig ourselves into the hole of moral, financial and political bankruptcy. .... Just say no to the war addiction. Discover life. Freedom is something to live for, not something to kill and be killed for.


please stop this nonsens............SPORT is just SPORT!!
agree..........................Just Do It!!