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The Real Housewives of Atlanta “Praise the Pageant.” If only they would have taken the time for a dress rehearsal. We recap all the bloopers in THG’s +/- review!

Cynthia throws her Miss Renaissance Pageant with lots of pushing and little polish. Minus 20. Perhaps a dress rehearsal or two would have helped.

Where to begin? 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

How about with actor and celebrity host Boris Kodjoe. No doubt he’s a handsome man in anything he wears but  Cynthia obviously needed to specify he should wear a suit, especially when all of the ladies on stage were wearing gowns.  Minus 15.  Who shows up to host a pageant wearing jeans and sneakers?

The man obviously needs his stylist…or his momma to dress him properly.

On the up side, Cynthia was rocking that wig. Plus 10.

The pageant goes off with plenty of hitches. The script is out of order. The girls’ names are all wrong and then there’s awkward silence as the judges tally the votes.  Minus 18. Not that I wanted to hear Porsha sing but Cynthia should have had something planned for that obvious lull in the festivities.  

Like NeNe I couldn’t believe that Cynthia asked Kenya to be a judge in the pageant given their history and Kenya’s recent behavior at public events. NeNe warned her that, “a fool is a fool.”

Surprisingly that’s the one decision that didn’t blow up on her. Plus 13. Kenya showed up with her Miss USA sash but no tiara. If you can’t wear your crown to a pageant, well then where can you wear one?

How funny was it to hear Phaedra try to tell Cynthia that it all went off without a hitch?  Not even Cynthia could listen to that with a straight face.

The pageant wasn’t the only thing giggle worthy in this episode.  Try Porsha babysitting her niece.  

First off, where were the child’s shoes? Then Porsha learns just how quick those little legs can carry a one year old as Jayden toddles out of the kitchen.  Word of advice…the dog is not an acceptable babysitter. Minus 9.

Porsha did her best but Kordell might be wrong about the nanny. My guess is Porsha will have one even if she’s home 24/7.

Speaking of Kordell, was that being traditional or controlling. Minus 11.  Sometimes  it sounds more like he’s speaking to his teenage daughter than his wife.

Across town, Kandi and Todd have dinner with Phaedra and Apollo and remind me not to accept a dinner invitation from Phaedra.  I don’t care how good the food or how impressed Phaedra is with the his vocabulary, listening to the chef compare my meal to genitalia was simply unappetizing. Minus 30.

Can anyone guess how many jokes are floating around the twitterverse about the creator of Bedroom Kandi singing a Gospel song?  It’s so easy I’m not even going to go there.

Looks like we’ll be getting a lot more NeNe next week as the girls head off to LA.