Kyle Richards: Topless on Twitter!

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A photo of Kyle Richards topless has turned up on Twitter. And we shudder to admit: we've got it.

Her husband, Mauricio Umansky, posted a photo of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in the pool, staring into the camera, no top to be found.

Richards, of course, proceeded to re-Tweet the photo, seemingly reprimanding Umansky by writing as a caption, "we have children."

And, of course, publicizing the picture simultaneously.

It's almost as if that were her plan all along...

Kyle Richards Topless

혜진이도 잘 생각하길~ 박시후 이예지


She shouldn't feel ashamed, her husband obviously loves her. It's people like you, Man (obviously NOT!!!!), who should feel ashamed, with your stupid comments. Get a life and leave your hateful comments at home. 'Armpit fat'? do you realise just how pathetic you sound?...... Kyle, you look great, nice body, you should be as proud as your husband is. x


Yuck. Put a shirt on, nobody wants to see your armpit fat.


So what. She looks great! Kyle, you rock! I do not think it was deliberate on her part because she is not an exhibitionist. I think her husband is very in love with her and quite proud as he should be. Kyle is really beautiful.

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