Kim Kardashian on Pregnancy Weight Gain: NOOO!!!!

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There are many ways to gain weight, some of which may result in regret.

Case in point: finishing off an entire box of Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies in one sitting.

But the expectation of one's first child shouldn't result in one caring about numbers on a scale or images in a mirror, right? Try telling that to Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Pic

According to New York Daily News sources, Kim was initially excited to be pregnant, but "now she’s flipping out because she didn’t think [the weight gain] would be this extreme.”

Fortunately, Kanye West has been the voice of reason.

“He encourages her to eat whatever she wants," the insider says. "He tells her not to worry, and it makes her feel better."

That's good. Know what else should make Kim feel better? THE LIFE GROWING INSIDE HER WOMB.


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Kim Kardashian on Pregnancy Weight Gain: NOOO!!!!
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Actually, Kim is smart. She'd never have made it as far as she has without brains. It's the people who call her stupid that are, well, stupid.


I don't know why this dimwit even got pregnant. Did she think she would stay the same weight she had before she got pregnant? Her attention should be focused on having and loving the child growing inside of her not her stupid weight. Why Kanye can't see all the red flags popping up with this 32 year old woman/child is beyond me. He must be as dimwitted as she is.

@ Really!!!

Brains???? Everyone knows she has no brains except for you

@ Really!!!

what is her obsession with black men?


Lets see how she handles it when her empire starts to fall. dirty money never stays afloat. i guess she will be squeeling suicide then. she really is a digrace to the human race. i thought her father was a jerk defending a killer but she tops it. his karma came quick. dirty money is never worth the chase. i feel sorry for her for what lays ahead.


This woman is far from intelligent. a hussler does not qualify as brains.


This article seems a little off. Are you telling me Kim didn't know she'd be gaining a bit of weight from being pregnant? She graduated high school, anyone with half a brain knows this. You'll pass on anything as the "truth" to make Kim look stupid, when anyone with a brain knows she's actually quite intelligent.


Hope it goes to her huge fat ass! Poor kid to have a mother like that oh I forget its a fame whore mother


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